New Mitre 10 Mount Gambier in tandem with Total Tools

by | Mar 15, 2023

Mitre 10 store manager Sonya Habets and Total Tools store manager Aaron McPherson – From The Border Watch

Plans to move Mitre 10 Mount Gambier to the old Bunnings site on the Jubilee Highway were officially released on Wednesday, March 1, which is being described as the ‘worst kept secret in Mount Gambier’.

The announcement included plans to bring a Total Tools store to the same site to work in tandem with Mitre 10 – both being owned by K&B Timber and Hardware. K&B Mitre 10 General Manager, Jarrod Spearman said it was a very exciting investment.

“I think it gives us the opportunity to launch a pretty special store and remind the community there is another hardware store out there,” Mr Spearman said.

“The addition of Total Tools provides us with that complementary option for the trade customer as well. We are well and truly in the planning stages now, but we envision both stores trading by mid-year.”

Mr Spearman said the tandem stores would also create 15 additional jobs for staff at the site.

Total Tools Store Manager, Aaron McPherson said he was eager to get started at the new site with a brand new team, according to The Border Watch.

“It will be fantastic for the region. All new staff for Total Tools, re-staffing at Mitre 10, it will be a fantastic opportunity,” he said.

It has been a long road towards getting a new business onto the site, according to Herbert Commercial Sales Consultant, Matt Kain, as the site has been vacant for the last six years.

“The first enquiries by this current party with interest in this site has probably been upwards of 18 months,” Mr Kain said.

“Buildings that are not occupied deteriorate and they attract vermin and they attract people that are not necessarily meant to be on site. To have it occupied and to have a presence of care factor for the property and the building, it is obviously going to be a positive outcome.”

The new Total Tools store is predicted to open around June – with the Mitre 10 site on Sturt Street set to operate as normal in the interim.