New podcast by TradeTools

by | Feb 20, 2020

A leading supplier of industrial tools, products and equipment, TradeTools has recently introduced its latest venture, ‘Tradio’ – a new podcast specifically curated for tradies, by tradies. 

‘Tradio’ is set to change up the worksite by offering tradies on-demand content on all things tools, trade and construction. 

TradeTools built ‘Tradio’ to offer tradesman conversations and insights into the ups and downs of working on the tools in order to support tradies at becoming the best at their craft. The pilot episode kicked off on July 8, with the show quickly spreading through the industry, racking up a following of 4,500 listeners to date. 

TradeTools spokesperson and ‘Tradio’ podcasts’ host Brad Ward said the trade specific conversations that are addressed are important and relatable.

“It is great to have a podcast that fellow tradies can relate to. I am trying to address topics on a worker’s level and steer away from management level conversations. I love the idea that I can bring people in, sit down, and have a chat about the positives and negatives across a whole bunch of industries and more importantly, from different levels within those industries,” Mr Ward said.

“Most other podcasts seem to be targeted at a management level audience (hiring and firing, finance management etc.) I believe ‘Tradio’ differs because it is from one tradie to another. It is hard to beat a genuine conversation! It is still early days and we have already hosted a bunch of amazing people from all walks of life. We do not plan on slowing down anytime soon.”

“When it comes to spreading the word, we are simply doing posts on our social platforms whenever a fresh episode comes out and they get shared around by our audience and guests. No complaints yet so we can chalk that up as a victory. In fact, I am flattered that I get to be the one hosting the podcast,” Mr Ward said.

‘Tradio’ is the proud brainchild of TradeTools Marketing Manager, Rachel Ford, who said she had been sitting on the idea for quite a while and was very excited to get the idea off the ground.

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