Pierlite / Signify, purchases SenseAgent

by | Jun 23, 2022

Pierlite senseagentLeading provider of lighting and technology solutions in Australia and New Zealand, Pierlite has acquired the SenseAgent smart building technology portfolio from Levaux for an undisclosed sum. The transaction is expected to bolster Signify’s Interact smart IoT ecosystem offering by integrating the SenseAgent technology. 

Developed by Australian company Levaux, SenseAgent currently offers innovative IoT sensor technology and real-time monitoring software for health, education, commercial and retail offices.

The SenseAgent portfolio features intelligent IoT sensors which track a diverse range of environmental and physical metrics such as air quality (TVOC/Co2), air flow, energy consumption, temperature, humidity, building occupancy, as well as people track and trace components. These sensor products feed real-time data into a cloud dashboard software enabling asset managers to track building analytics in real-time and integrate with existing building management systems (BMS), leveraging this data for optimisation, planning and physical built asset management.

SenseAgent’s sensor products are installed in offices, hospitals and industrial facilities and are used daily by building managers to create safer indoor environments and reduce building operating costs.

SenseAgent technology already plays a central role in combination with the Pierlite portfolio and is a key component of the company’s Aether LED Troffer, a first-of-its-kind smart luminaire equipped with UV-C/HEPA air disinfection technology – allowing for the combination of live monitoring with improved environments that provide an additional layer of safety to their occupants.

Pierlite General Manager Future Markets, Lydell Stokes said the acquisition of SenseAgent offers Pierlite the opportunity to radically improve how it addresses building performance and lifecycle management.

“SenseAgent’s technology platform offers unmatched indoor monitoring and tracking capabilities. It will enable us to integrate best-in-class IoT technology into more of our products and offer new solutions, for the benefit of our customers,” Mr Stokes said.

Signify Chief Executive Officer – Pacific Market, David Gardner said the acquisition aligns strongly with Signify’s commitment to product innovation in the region and ambition to expand its portfolio to meet the changing needs of Australian and New Zealand customers.

“In an industry known for fast-paced technology change and fierce global competition, Signify is proud to be expanding our local footprint through Pierlite and investing in smart IoT technology to help facility managers and asset operators improve the way they manage their environments for years to come,” Mr Gardner said.

The acquisition of SenseAgent is a perfect fit with its current Interact IoT offering for smart buildings, Signify Global Segment Leader Office and Industry, Ronnie Koster said.

“The Interact data platform and its current sensing capabilities will be enriched with SenseAgent’s technologies. This acquistion will allow us to offer a richer portfolio to our customers and deliver sustainable and efficient buildings which provide improved well-being for their occupants. We simplify data-enabled decisions and actions to optimise the well-being and efficiency of employees while making buildings more sustainable,” Mr Koster said.