TABMA & Hardware Australia join forces

by | Feb 1, 2023

TABMA Australia and Hardware Australia announced on the 31st of January their intention to join forces into a merged entity and create a single Association to represent the timber and hardware industry nationally.

(Left to right) Paul Stewart, Chair, Hardware Australia and Peter Hutchinson, Chair, Timber and Building Materials Association (TABMA).

(Left to right) Paul Stewart, Chair, Hardware Australia and Peter Hutchinson, Chair, Timber and Building Materials Association (TABMA).

The new leadership team, comprised of the two Boards, view this as a great opportunity to be ‘stronger together’ – especially across national advocacy and policy issues when engaging with important stakeholders.

The two industries have seen a significant evolution in recent years, with many businesses switching or expanding their offering from timber to hardware and vice versa. This is why a new organisation will be a representation of what the industry will be in the future. TABMA Australia and Hardware Australia are coming together to ensure their members are properly supported in this new and diverse environment.

Hardware Australia Chair, Paul Stewart and TABMA Chair, Peter Hutchinson recently met to discuss the ongoing relationship and the benefits of bringing their members together to create a larger national voice for the industry.

Paul Stewart said, “the independent hardware industry needs a strong voice to compete in today’s market. We have been working closely with TABMA over the past four years and The Board of Hardware Australia feel that we are stronger together.”

The partnership between the two associations will benefit both groups of members with opportunities to expand their networks and create new business opportunities as well as have a truly national presence with a combines 700 plus members from all aspects of the timber, building materials and hardware sectors.

Peter Hutchison said, “TABMA Australia has been serving its members for over 80 years by staying relevant and providing members with quality services. The Board of TABMA Australia feel to continue supporting our members, our voice needs to be bigger and broader so that we can be stronger as an industry association.”

Hardware Australia has been seeking a new partnership to support its members and provide greater services for them for over 12 months. TABMA has been a natural choice for the merge after over 80 years of providing services to the timber and building materials traders.

TABMA Australia and Hardware Australia’s Boards are in support of joining the two associations as there are significant benefits for all members and the industry.

Both organisations have a strong member base who are at the core of each decision made as their success is key to TABMA and Hardware Australia. More information to come on the continued partnership between TABMA Australia and Hardware Australia, however the future is strong.