TAUBMANS All Weather paint by PPG used to create record-breaking mural

by | Feb 20, 2020

Over 700 litres of TAUBMANS® All Weather exterior paint by PPG, combined with the creative genius of Kitt Bennett and Juddy Roller street art network, has secured the record for the largest mural in the Southern Hemisphere. Equivalent to 90 storeys in length, the artwork titled ‘Revolution’ spans 9,000 square metres of waterfront ground space at the Independent Cement and Lime site in Port Melbourne. 

Consistent with Mr Bennett’s signature figurative and aerial style, ‘Revolution’ depicts the caricature of a businessman tumbling backwards through a series of 10 individual figures painted side by side. Each figure measures 30 metres in length. The mural, which is animated using aerial photography, is best viewed from above using satellite technology.

“This is a passion project. It has allowed me to combine an old love of animation with my more recent interest in large-scale ground murals. It has been a really special experience creating this mural,” Mr Bennett said.

 “Projects like this that are entirely self-funded and independently produced rely heavily on the generosity and support of others to bring them to life. PPG’s sponsorship through the donation of 700 litres of Taubmans All Weather exterior paint was a major factor in getting it off the ground. I am very grateful for the support, including from all who willingly helped paint, film and edit the entire production,” he said.

PPG Commercial Director, Architectural coatings, Australia and New Zealand, David Nicholls described the project as trailblazing.

“This makes it a perfect fit with the Taubmans paint brand and an ideal opportunity to promote innovative Australian street art that benefits the community. PPG is proud to get behind Aussie artists by supporting projects like ‘Revolution’ that push the boundaries, challenge traditional perceptions and bring new life to dull streetscapes. We have long supported public art projects by donating our premium Taubmans All Weather exterior paint by PPG to create impactful and enduring art on unconventional surfaces, and we will continue to do so as part of our mission to protect and beautify the world,” Mr Nicholls said.

Mr Bennett’s creative process will be completed with a short film documenting the journey from ideation to ‘Revolution’, an animated video and an exhibition at the Juddy Roller studio in December.

Manufactured in Australia, Taubmans All Weather exterior paint by PPG is engineered to withstand the country’s diverse and harsh weather conditions and is backed by a lifetime guarantee+. The paint features revolutionary ultraviolet (UV)inhibitors that prolong the life of the paint and increase performance, and it is tintable to thousands of Taubmans colours.