Thriving together – Lowe’s annual Women’s Leadership Summit

by | Sep 25, 2023

More than 15,000 Lowe’s associates from around the globe were recently invited to the 11th annual Women’s Leadership Summit. The groundbreaking hybrid event marked a significant milestone, being the first Lowe’s Women’s Leadership Summit, combining both an in-person and virtual audience. The summit served as a platform to unite women and allies from within the organization to celebrate the year’s central theme ’thrive’.

Executive Vice President of Human Resources at Lowe’s, Janice Dupré, led the event and set the stage for a day filled with insights from accomplished women leaders within the organization, captivating keynote speakers, and enlightening panel discussions.

Lowe’s annual Women’s Leadership Summit

“Our commitment here, through this women’s strategy, is only half the equation. The other half of the equation is every single one of you and what you do to advocate for yourselves and your career. It is you deciding that now is the time to show up in a meaningful way and make a choice. It is a choice to thrive. It is up to you,” Ms Dupré on the night.

The summit celebrated three significant wins in women’s leadership at Lowe’s, including,

  1. Retention of Women in the Workforce at Lowe’s: One significant achievement celebrated at the summit was the retention of women in the Lowe’s workforce. Lowe’s has effectively retained its female talent by fostering an environment that empowers women to succeed, creating a more diverse and inclusive workplace.
  2. The Presence of Women in High Leadership Levels: Lowe’s has taken significant steps in identifying qualified women for consideration and selection into high leadership levels within the organization. The summit showcased examples of the progress made and how women have a strong presence in decision-making positions.
  3. Increased Development Opportunities for Women within the Company: The company’s dedication to providing development opportunities for women was another standout accomplishment highlighted at the summit. By offering training, mentorship programs, and career advancement pathways, Lowe’s is actively fostering the growth of its women’s talent pool.

These wins in women’s leadership are a result of the core behaviors of the company, focusing on customers, delivering results, taking action, showing courage, and continuing to learn.

“When you lean into these leadership behaviors to champion Lowe’s mission and assess and develop the talent and drive engagement, you create an environment where others on your team want to stay, learn and grow,” Ms Dupré said.

Lowe’s will persist in its dedication to fostering an environment where women not only excel but thrive, building upon the foundational pillars of hiring, developing, advancing, and retaining top women talent to ensure ongoing progress in the months and years ahead.