TradeSmart makes successful move to virtual trade show

by | Oct 4, 2020

The TradeSmart Industrial Group held its inaugural virtual trade show in September, and according to National Manager Joe Di Iorio, the event was an outstanding success. TradeSmart was the first of several groups to initiate a virtual event in place of its traditional face to face format.

“We first began speaking of the concept in March. We could foresee OH&S problems for our members and suppliers if we persisted with the traditional model,” Mr Di Iorio said.

TradeSmart was able to leverage the depth of skills within the broader business of CPS and quickly formed a project group to examine the opportunity.

Pre-registration of the membership was a critical step to selling the concept to suppliers, according to Mr Di Iorio.

“We are fortunate that the members are a tight-knit team and really get behind group initiatives,” he said.

With 82 per cent of the members registering in the opening days of the invitation, the group then set about approaching suppliers.

“We went to the suppliers knowing that we could deliver.”

The trade show was hosted on-line over seven days commencing mid-September. Members were invited to watch tailored video content from participating suppliers.

“This ensured relevance to the group and that intrusion into members busy days was minimal, with the option to participate at any time of day or night,” he said.

After each video, a member could unlock the supplier’s trade show specials and take advantage of a range of offers of up to 20 per cent additional discount.

“Our members had over 2,100 views over the week and displayed a purchasing commitment parallel to a traditional show. We, of course, were worried, being the first cab off the rank, but the result exceeded our expectation in every measure, Mr Di Iorio said. ”