TTI enhances supplier collaboration

by | Jun 22, 2022

TTI and One Network logosTechtronic Industries Australia (TTI) selected leading global provider of intelligent control towers, One Network Enterprises (ONE) along with the Digital Supply Chain Network™ to support its digital transformation agenda.

TTI is believed to have chosen ONE’s solution based on its range of functionality, execution architecture as well as its ability to deliver high-quality services.

Upon leveraging One Network Enterprises’ NEO Platform, TTI will have the ability to integrate its physical network of partners across Asia, Australia and New Zealand to provide a single data model across multiple workflows and applications, enabling real-time collaboration.

The Digital Supply Chain Network will ensure that the efficient planning and execution of the demand-supply match is achieved using a single version of the truth. Increased visibility and execution in the same platform will also drive process improvements and more importantly, improve on-time deliveries and customer service levels while reducing the cost of goods sold throughout the supply chain.

Founder and Chairman of One Network Enterprises Greg Brady said TTI’s supply chain is characterised by long lead times which makes demand-supply match accuracy that much more critical.

“The network-based approach provided by ONE will enable TTI to remove days and weeks of information lag by digitizing the entire ecosystem of trading partners,” Mr Brady said.

“We have been operating in the Asia Pacific region since 2013 and have grown a stellar group of customers across 3PL, Retail, and Telecommunication sectors. TTI is a tremendous global business and I am very excited to be invited to add value to its Australasian operations. Collaboration through enhanced visibility and execution is how organizations like TTI will increase competitiveness, particularly during times of significant supply constraint,” Mr Brady said.

Techtronic Industries Australia and New Zealand CFO and COO Grant Edhouse said TTI selected the ONE platform based on the depth of its capabilities and ability to connect TTI to a multi-enterprise supply chain business network.

“We are confident that the solution can handle the complexities of our supply chain, starting with end-to-end visibility and collaboration. With this foundation in place and the support of ONE’s experienced team, we look to achieve seamless end-to-end demand-supply planning and execution, across our entire Asia Pacific network. This will greatly improve our responsiveness to our customers and effectiveness in collaborating with our suppliers,” Mr Edhouse said.