Vegebag, by Vegepod, now a resounding global winner

by | Jun 3, 2020

Flying the Aussie flag in London last week, Vegebag was voted by an esteemed judging panel as ‘Garden Product of the Year’ at the world’s most prestigious garden show, The Royal Chelsea Flower Show.

Vegebag is the latest offshoot from their flagship product, the Vegepod, opening up the ‘grow your own food movement’ to even the most budget conscious grower. Vegepod’s new ‘Vegebag’ has brought Australian born and bred ingenuity, quality and innovation to the world, a company spokesperson said.

Despite the lower cost, it maintains some of Vegepod’s key DNA by featuring the company’s signature micro-climate and protective mesh. The first release of the Vegebag sold out globally within two weeks, according to the spokesperson.

When announcing the award, Chair Judge Chris Harrop said the current lockdown has unleashed a wave of passion across the country for all things gardening and particularly for growing fruit and vegetables.

“After detailed debate and inspired by the mood of the nation, the judges are delighted to announce that the Vegebag by Vegepod is this year’s winner,” Mr Harrop said.

Just like its big sibling, the Vegebag was created to provide users access in growing their own food for all and sundry, particularly through a product that is convenient in an urban setting, the spokesperson said.

“The next release of product will be this August, and this time will include another key Vegepod technology – a self-watering wicking base. The signature fine commercial-grade mesh used by Australian and New Zealand seedling farms, helps produce a microclimate for amazing growth rates whilst also providing pest control, weather moderation and weed protection,” he said.

“The zip-up cover and one-foot soil depth secure ideal conditions to grow and contain edible plants. At just 76 centimetres high and 65 centimetres wide, you can grow a delicious range from leafy greens to tomatoes and broccoli. It is set to replace standard pots everywhere, being a portable garden with drag handles and drainage holes.”

“The rough and tumble Aussie team have produced yet another award-winning product from their self-dubbed ‘humble shed-quarters’ to even impress her Royal Highness’ favourite show of the year,” the spokesperson said.