Yard Force quality

by | Jul 15, 2021

Yard Force power equipmentWell-known for its high-quality and value for money, the Yard Force power equipment brand is gaining traction around the world.

Supplied by one of the world’s largest power equipment manufacturers, Sumec, the range now encompasses petrol, cordless and corded products.

In 2020 alone, Sumec’s Australian business grew by an incredible 31 per cent after it shipped over 200,000 mowers into the Australian market under various brands.

It seems petrol products still dominate the lawn mower market within Australia and Yard Force offers a range of engine options.

With the recent addition of two products powered by Honda, the Yard Force branded petrol mowers round off a superb range to suit any garden size and layout.

Now supporting the petrol platform is a range of line trimmers, brush cutters and chainsaws.

The Yard Force cordless range of mowers and handheld power garden products also add choice for the consumer, particularly as battery products have continued to gain market share in recent years.

With battery powered products considered the engine of the future, Sumec reported that theirs could be one of the world’s best fully automated battery production facilities. Sumec provides high quality battery products ranging from 4 volt to 120 volt.

Sumec is now planning to launch new and exciting products to cater for smaller gardens and urban living in the near future. Particularly as new applications for battery products will open up over the next year or two.

With more people downsizing to town houses and apartments, it is incumbent for manufacturers to recognise that conventional power garden products need to adapt to this new reality.

Sumec makes for many of the world’s largest and well respected brands in power garden, power tools and pressure washers. Established in Australia seven years ago, Sumec has become one of Australia’s largest suppliers of quality OPE under numerous brands including its own, Yard Force.

The Yard Force brand is also exclusive to IHG under its Mitre 10 and Home retail outlets, with IHG members now enjoying the high degree of quality and value for money for their customers.

This confidence was recognised by IHG after Sumec/Yard Force was awarded Supplier of the Year 2020.

For more information on Sumec go to www.sumecpower.com or call 02 9966 4466.