New Guide for Consumers

A new guide for consumers, Know how to complain, has been issued by the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission. “The guide sets out the main rights and protections that consumers have under the Trade Practices Act and the steps consumers should take if they want to enforce their consumer rights,’ ACCC Chairman, Graeme Samuel, said. “The ACCC encourages all consumers to learn more about the rights they have when buying goods or services. If a consumer believes that a business has acted in a way that is inconsistent with their fair trading obligations, consumers can – and should – stand up for their rights.” As well as setting out information about consumer rights and how to complain, the guide explains the ACCC’s role – what it can and cannot do for consumers. “The ACCC receives many calls about warranties and refund claims. Consumers should be aware that whenever they buy a good or service, the Act gives them certain protections that cannot be changed or removed. If the product is faulty, consumers can seek a refund, exchange or repair from the business. “The ACCC encourages consumers to contact the business first, and if this doesn’t work, to seek assistance from a third party. There are a range of industry dispute resolution schemes, ombudsman and government agencies to help consumers with their inquiries and complaints.” The Know how to Complain Guide is available free of charge from the ACCC website, or by calling 1300 302 502.