Cleaning Up Your Act

A Motorised Power Sprayer has been introduced to the new 5 Litre ready to use 30 SECONDS Outdoor Cleaner pack, and overall sales of the brand have reportedly increased since. The range is fast becoming the leading brand with consumers for the removal of unsightly and dangerous algae, moss, mould and mildew from external surfaces. Featuring a new pack and battery power sprayer, the product is now easier than ever to use. This is because the motorised Power Sprayer allows for easy and versatile spraying thanks to its one touch trigger. Since there is no need for any pumping action, all hand and wrist fatigue associated with a pump sprayer is eliminated. The motorised power sprayer also increases spray coverage in a fraction of the time it would normally take with a traditional pump sprayer. It features an adjustable stream and spray nozzle with a spraying range of up to four metres, and it has a metre of flexible weighted tubing, ensuring every drop in the container is used efficiently. Its operation is also overwhelmingly simple: simply spray it on algae, moss, mould and mildew and then hose off for easy removal. It cleans as it works and can be used on various outdoor surfaces including wood, paint, concrete, masonry cloth and plastic. It can also be used as a preparation for paint, stain or varnish.

When used as directed, it is safe for use in areas frequented by children and animals. It is APVMA approved (No 52915/0106) and is considered biodegradable (soil), photodegradable (light) and thermodegradable (heat). Generous merchandising assistance including DVD monitors, videos and brochures is available to retailers, with additional support coming in the form of regular consumer advertising like targeted letterbox campaigns (which store locations details) and national colour advertising in popular Lifestyle and DIY magazines. 30 Seconds recently appointed new distributors for the product range in Victoria and Queensland. The Tradeware Group, who became members of Dynalink Hardware on March 1st, can assist with all product sales and merchandising in these two states, while distributors in the remaining states are Newcombe Sales in New South Wales and the Capital Territory; UMCOS in South Australia, Western Australia and the Northern Territory; and Don_El Sales in Tasmania.

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