Imagine All You Can Do With UGlu„·

UGlu™ (pronounced ‘you-glue’) is a newly released instant-grip glue strip that makes home repairs, crafts, woodworking (and a whole lot of other stuff) extra easy. UGlu™ can stick to all kinds of hard to bond surfaces with the added benefit of no messy glues, clamps or nails.

UGlu™ combines industrial strength bonding power with instant grip and the convenience of tape. You simply peel, press and stick your way to an immediate, permanent bond. This is because UGlu™ is pure glue in an already solid form. This makes it perfect for all kinds of projects ranging from home repairs and woodworking to crafts, office and school projects. Shaped like tape but with a permanent hold, it bonds to almost any surface, including rough, uneven surfaces like cement and brick. UGlu™ is perfect for repairing counter and cabinet laminate, ceiling tiles, furniture and even shoes. It is waterproof and weatherproof, odourless, non toxic and acid free. You can use it for almost anything, from mounting soap dishes in showers to re-bonding loose siding, or even making crafts, cards or scrap booking.

UGlu™’s unique formulation does not stick to your fingers. It is suitable for both interior and exterior use and it can also be applied in schools and offices, in crafts, and in many other on the go projects, as well as around children and pets. It can also be cleanly removed.