Macsim Fastenings – Nails

Macsim Fastenings was pleased to announce the launch of its Common Loose Nail range in the October Edition of the Hardware Journal. With a range containing over 400 products across 21 different nail types, Macsim offers a complete range of packaging options across 15kg/5kg/2kg/1kg/500g and 100g. All products come in clear packaging (so customers can see exactly what they are looking for) with brightly coloured labels featuring clear and informative information. With and extensive range offering excellent packaging Macsim can tailor a loose nail range solution for any store, no matter the size that presents amazingly and most importantly provides product turnover. With the addition of the nail range allowing stores to purchase Nails/Masonry Anchoring/Screws/Rivets/Bolts from the one supplier, Macsim has your total fastening solutions covered.