Living history

Friends and supporters of the Hardware Journal, along with the directors and current staff of the Glenvale Publications – publishers of the Hardware Journal – gathered together to celebrate this noteworthy occasion.

It was also a chance to honour the person who has been most responsible for the magazine’s growth and development. Many of readers may be unaware that since 1976, managing director Graeme Cox has helped it to prosper and survive through some of the best and worst times for publishing in Australia. Most business people can appreciate this kind of feat, which combines dedication, attention to detail, determination, wisdom and, often, just simple endurance.

But the evening was not all about the Hardware Journal and Glenvale Publications. It was also about the industry and the book that is being produced. A presentation of the of the book was made by Scott Lewis who discussed some of the tumultuous changes that are happening at the retail level, best illustrated by his personal experiences at Myer and the Apple store.

He also touched on the impact of digital technology is having in products and services, from the supplier right through to the end consumer. This is all about the future and the hardware industry’s place in it. To find out more, you will have to wait to receive a copy of the book due out in March 2012.

As with most events, not everything went to plan with the glitches to technology when the sound did not come out of the specially prepared videos. (Sincere apologies to those who sent them through. They will live another life on the Hardware Journal website.)

This special event was held at Persimmon restaurant at the National Gallery of Victoria. For some people who attended, it was a reminder about the service that the Hardware Journal can bring to the industry. For others, it was about the unique contribution that Graeme Cox has made to the hardware and publishing industries, and the people he has helped along the way.

Special thanks to Glenvale staffers Nadia Liu and Michael Yarde who did a lot to make this event happen.