Wood-fired delights

For more than 60 years, Fontana Forni has been creating wood-fired oven products appreciated throughout the world.
Fontana’s technical and aesthetic engineering manages to combine tradition and modernity, offering not just cooking solutions, but a real lifestyle change. Year after year, its customer commitment has been: “to always make each of our products with the aim of providing the highest performance in terms of cooking and gastronomy.”
A wood oven is much more than a pizza oven. A wood oven changes the lifestyle, the way of cooking for family and entertaining friends. It evokes a time when life was a little slower and food a little better. And while pizza is often the mainstay, wood ovens are as flexible as conventional ovens, and can cook every kind of food.
There are two basic types of outdoor ovens in the Fontana range.
The brand’s first and original “outdoor pizza oven” is an indirect combustion oven, providing a separate chamber that is used to build the fire and create heat. The fire chamber is located below the cooking chamber and heat rises around the upper cooking compartment. The benefits of this wood-fired oven design include a clean, smoke and ash-free cooking area. Additionally, this outdoor oven design allows for multiple racks for simultaneously cooking numerous foods.
The second wood burning oven design is a direct combustion oven, which allows for cooking and baking in the same chamber as the fire.
The process is very similar to Fontana’s other outdoor ovens except the cooking heat radiates directly from the fire, creating very fast cook times for wood-fired pizzas and more. In this type of wood-burning oven, users build the fire directly on the cooking service – on one side or to the rear of the oven. Once the fire is stoked and the coals are hot, they simply cook and bake directly adjacent to the embers and flames.
This model, when used as an outdoor pizza oven, can cook a pizza in as little as two minutes. Another of the many benefits of this design is that it pre-heats between 10 and 15 minutes only.
Cooking with a wood fire guarantees unbeatable results in terms of perfect cooking of food, fragrance and a strong fat reduction, thanks to the high calorific power generated. “We get rave reviews for our ovens ability to bake breads, roast all kinds of meat, cook delicious vegetables and of course, bake amazing wood fired pizza,” the brand’s distributors in Australia, Sitro Group Australia said. “We also get positive ratings for the sleek aesthetic designs and very helpful standard features found on most models that include interior lights, temperature gauges and cooking timers.”
The Fontana range is designed for long lasting ease of use. Each oven is completely sealed with a special double passage that prevents infiltration of smoke into the cooking chamber. Moreover, brass hinges and refractory bricks at the base of the oven ensure the unit does not warp or deform at all over a long expected life.
The side and back panels of the cooking chambers can be easily removed, to allow for perfect cleaning – even in the dishwasher. Furthermore, the unique structure of the Fontana oven, which enables it to reach very high temperatures, allows the destruction of fat, making it easier to clean stubborn dirt after every use.