News: Mitre 10 National Conference 2006

Mitre 10’s National Conference 2006 is fast approaching. This year’s conference will be held in Adelaide from Monday, June 5 – Wednesday, June 7 at the Adelaide Convention Centre. The 2006 conference will feature inspirational speakers, Andrew Gaze and Tom O’Toole, both are sure to inspire conference attendees as they draw on their combined sporting and business experience to offer insights into what it takes to be successful in both work and life. Also, these speakers will provide a great networking opportunity for Mitre 10 members, suppliers and staff. Registrations for the 2006 conference close May 8, 2006. To register visit the Mitrecom website on

The National Conference itself will undergo changes this year – a new format, duration and venue, and overall, a new personality. This is the first time Adelaide has hosted the Conference and it is a good choice for delegates as it is compact, picturesque and has loads of tourist activities.

The 2006 Conference will run over three days instead of four and the format has changed so that the Awards Dinner is held in the middle of the conference to allow members to recognise and congratulate award winners at the Trade Show.