The national accreditation symbol for products and services which save water outdoors is moving into a new phase following an injection of funding by the Australian Government’s Australian Water Fund.
Malcolm Turnbull, Parliamentary Secretary to the Prime Minister with responsibility for water policy, launched the Smart Approved WaterMark campaign to industry and business leaders earlier this month and endorsed the importance of the Mark in helping consumers make informed choices when it comes to products which could save water around the home.

“The Smart WaterMark is the only national scheme where products or services are assessed by an independent panel of experts, so any business would be smart to sport the symbol if their product can contribute to saving water outdoors,” Turnbull said.

At Centennial Park in Sydney, Mr Turnbull launched the new business website for the Smart Watermark and the new marketing campaign to get business onside prior to a major consumer launch in 2007. The Federal Government’s Australian Water Fund has provided $1.3 million for the Smart WaterMark which was established by four associations closely involved with water use – the Water Services Association of Australia, the Australian Water Association, Nursery & Garden Industry Australia and the Irrigation Association of Australia.

Since the Mark was established, around 70 companies from different industry sectors have already been awarded the Smart WaterMark for products or services. They range from soil wetting agents and efficient irrigation equipment, to waterless car wash products and swimming pool covers. Malcolm Turnbull also released findings of a News Poll by Smart WaterMark which showed that the water issue is now uppermost in people’s minds.

“The community is responding to the benefits of water efficient products or practices – nearly 60% said they use trigger hoses and mulches and wetting agents, 41% recycle grey water in some way, 30% use a garden irrigation system, 21% have installed or use rainwater tanks and 13% are using waterless car cleaning products,” he said. “The Smart WaterMark will be much more successful if businesses and organisations get behind it – not only by developing products and services which help save water outdoors, but by showing their confidence in them by applying for and proudly displaying the Mark.” The CEO of Smart Approved WaterMark, Julian Gray, added that the research confirmed the need for a national mark with which people could identify.

Pic: Smart Watermark.jpg L-R: Ross Young, Malcolm Turnbull and Julian Gray at the launch