Living in Shadow

Living in Shadow

For homeowners, Gyprock ShadowSet™ is an ideal solution for updating a home and was created in response to growing consumer demand for shadow line looks…

Contemporary designs, highlighted by clean, sleek lines and a ‘minimalist’ feel, are demand by many home buyers. The new Gyprock ShadowSet™ profile from CSR Gyprock makes this trend easy and affordable for builders to achieve. Before Gyprock ShadowSet, achieving a dramatic, shadow effect was costly and difficult for builders. Many cornices don’t easily provide a modern look. Alternatives such as ‘square set’ or metal recess profiles can be costly and difficult to install. New Gyprock ShadowSet (patent-pending) is a paper-wrapped plasterboard profile, unique to Gyprock, featuring a 105mm broad flat section and a small 12mm stepped recess on one edge. Builders can select from either plant-on or flush installation to achieve either a dramatic recessed shadow or the feel of a floating ceiling. “CSR Gyprock ShadowSet was developed to meet the growing demand for easy to-install shadow line looks,” explained Geoff Stewart, Marketing Manager – Residential, CSR Gyprock. “Cutting wall and ceiling board for ‘square set’ or recessed shadowline is time consuming, especially when the frames are out of line. Cracks and wavy lines can appear along the ceiling junction and additional work may be required to fix gaps and uneven lines between the profile edge and the wall.” To create a plant-on installation, Gyprock ShadowSet is installed directly onto the ceiling sheets.

To create a flush installation, the Gyprock ShadowSet profile is installed ‘in the same plane’ as the ceiling sheets. This requires the ceiling to be suspended from furring channels to allow the stepped edge of the Gyprock ShadowSet profile to be accommodated above the ceiling sheet. Both installation techniques create a clean, minimalist look, offering a modern alternative to other types of decorative cornice styles. CSR Gyprock has also introduced a plasterboard with a recessed edge on one side and a square edge on the other. It is ideal for use in ShadowSet applications and other situations where a recess is not wanted to be shown. New Gyprock RE/SE board eliminates this risk, allowing the desired look to be achieved without compromise. With the new ShadowSet profile, no cutting or filling is required, as with the recommended 10mm gap under the bottom sheet, two 1,210mm sheets come very close to typical frame heights. It is also available in 1350mm width for higher ceilings.

Case Study

When Bellmarch Homes at Display Homes Kellyville, NSW, wanted to update one of their display homes with a contemporary look, they installed Gyprock ShadowSet™ to provide a modern feel throughout. Trevor Rutter, Sales & Marketing Manager, for Bellmarch Homes explains: “Our Vermont display home needed a façade and interior face lift to reflect the clean, modern design style popular now with home buyers. As a result, we decided to modify the front façade by adding a balcony and internal rooms by installing a curved staircase and Gyprock ShadowSet profile to create a contemporary feel. Once complete, the home was re-opened as the Montana.

“We chose Gyprock ShadowSet because it’s a great alternative to regular cornice and creates a sleek, dramatic, shadowline affect. Since Gyprock Shadowset was installed throughout the ground floor, visitors have commented on how impressed they are with the home’s overall modern style.” When Gyprock ShadowSet profile is applied directly to the ceiling, it creates a strong shadow line due to the recess between the profile and ceiling. It’s fast and easy to install and is a great alternative to ‘square set’ or metal recess profiles which can be costly and difficult to use.