Brickworks Limited Acquires Whitsunday Concrete and Block

Brickworks Limited Acquires Whitsunday Concrete and Block

Brickworks Limited has acquired Whitsunday Concrete & Block as part its expansion into the Queensland concrete masonry market. Mr Ross Dallimore has been appointed Queensland general manager, responsible for Austral Bricks and Austral Masonry.

According to Graham Kerby, QLD general manager Sales & Marketing – Austral Bricks & Austral Masonry, the acquisitions will offer Brickworks Limited exposure to fast growing markets in Queensland’s north and south-east, as well as a presence in both the premium and standard block markets.

“This will help strengthen the company’s position as a leader and major supplier of building products to consumers and the building industry in Queensland – increasing our manufacturing capacity to over 250,000 tonnes,” Graham said.

“It is an exciting development, with the acquisition of Whitsunday Concrete & Block and previous acquisitions allowing us to provide a greater range of products and services to our customers – backed by our technical expertise and support.

“As a result, there will be increased efficiencies in production and distribution. And, with the backing of Brickworks investment in research and development, the real winner of these acquisitions will be our customers,” he said.