Buildex Fasteners Pass The Test

Buildex Fasteners Pass The Test

From humble origins 90 years ago as a backyard operation (trading for many years as W.A. Deutsher) to its current place as an industry leader in construction fasteners, Buildex has always strived to attain the highest standards of innovation and quality. From ground breaking quality control methods in the early sixties to award winning Hi-Teks® self drilling screws in the eighties, Buildex continues this trend today with its advanced line of corrosion resistant fasteners.

Traditionally, fasteners are the weak link in a construction because of their susceptibility to corrosion. Corrosion is particularly severe in Australia because most of us live near coastal regions, where the effects of chloride corrosion are around five times more intense than European acid rain corrosion. Chloride has a nasty tendency to get everywhere, even underneath roofs and in sheltered spaces, and it is in Australia’s most corrosive environments that Buildex has spent more than 18 years subjecting its products (as well as the products of its competitors) to unique “Real World” test environments.buildex-factory

“Real World” testing tends to be far more accurate than typical laboratory testing. This is because the latter takes place in an accelerated and artificial environment and consequently does not consider the simultaneously occurring multiple factors in corrosion. For example, the effects of the coating being scratched during insertion, chloride corrosion occurring on both sides of a surface, compatibility with materials being affixed and so forth are all measured at the same time in a “Real World” test. Buildex uses several “Real World” sites in places like Newcastle and King Island. They are independently monitored by the CSIRO and the results are then compared to Australian Standard AS 3566.2-2002 (Sections 5.3b and 5.3a). This is the official measure that determines what a product must be able to withstand under various conditions for it to be classified as either Class 3 or Class 4 corrosion resistant. The findings are quite startling…

Years of testing show that many fasteners on the market claiming to be corrosion resistant (according to Table 2 of AS 3566.2-2002) fail under “Real World” tests. For this reason Buildex developed corrosion resistant coatings like Climaseal® and unique design features like the patented ShankGuard®, all of which meet or exceed tough Australian Standards.

Climaseal 3® screws have a galvanic (sacrificial) coating thickness of 20µm (micrometers) of zinc/tin alloy and a further 10µm of Climaseal making a total of 30µm. They meet or exceed AS 3566.2-2002 Class 3 standards, for general external use in mild and moderate industrial and marine applications. They are easily recognised by their silver grey appearance and the silver stripe found on the label packaging of Buildex bulk boxes.

Climaseal 4® screws have a coating thickness of 35µm of zinc/tin alloy with a further 10µm of blue Climaseal for a total of 45µm. They conform to the much tougher Class 4 standards, for moderate and severe marine environments. They have a silver blue appearance and a blue stripe on the packaging.

Buildex also uses the patented ShankGuard® design to prevent under roof corrosion of fasteners when crest fixing metal roofing. ShankGuard® actually cuts a slightly larger hole in the roofing profile than the shank diameter, guarding and protecting it against scratching and scouring from the sharp edges of the pierced hole in the metal roof.