55th Birthday Celebrations For Australia’s Iconic Bailey Ladder

55th Birthday Celebrations For Australia’s Iconic Bailey Ladder

Since 1952, Bailey has been proudly manufacturing ladders in Australia and has become a firm favourite of the nation’s tradespeople and safety conscious home users.

Hills Industries’ Product Manager for Ladders, Mr Chris Mayo, said Bailey – a Hills Industries company – had firmly established itself as Australia’s leading manufacturer of ladders for domestic, trade and industrial use. “A major factor in Bailey’s success is the safety features offered in each and every ladder, as well as the strength and durability of the range,” Mr Mayo said. “For example, all of our trade and industrial stepladders feature the Bailey Punchlock™ system which is designed to resist twisting. This enhancement gives Bailey’s trade and industrial stepladders up to 70 percent more torsional rigidity than traditional pop-riveted stepladders.”

He said that while Bailey has been manufacturing in Australia for more than 50 years and offered some of the safest ladders on the market, it was important for ladder users in both domestic and industrial situations to be mindful of their own and others’ safety.

Bailey ladders 1952 to 2007

  • 1952 William Bailey starts the Bailey ladder business.
  • 1960sThe first Bailey factory is established to produce timber ladders.
  • 1970sAluminium and fibreglass ladders are first manufactured.
  • 1980sLadder construction is revolutionised with the development of Punchlock™. Bailey receives National Design Award recognition.
  • 1990sHills Industries acquires Bailey ladders and sets a new agenda for safety and innovation. Bailey launches ‘Quicklock™ internal arm design.
  • 2000sThe Bailey ladders’ manufacturing facility in Brisbane is expanded and extensive product development takes place. As a result, the Galaxy Leveller, Comet Plus and platform stepladders are developed.