Home Timber & Hardware Go The Distance

Home Timber & Hardware Go The Distance

Home Timber & Hardware’s marketing team have not rested on their laurels. For six months they’ve researched, tested and developed a marketing strategy that is set to hit the mark with consumers.

They’ve conducted internal workshops; spoken to store owners, managers, DIYers and tradespeople; visited stores; tapped into consumer research; taken feedback on board… It’s all coming together to deliver a campaign that consumers can relate to when they think ‘Home’.

“The new positioning is intentionally uncomplicated. Customers need to know they are getting value from supporting their local hardware store,” says Con Dekazos, National Merchandise and Marketing Manager, Danks group. In essence, the new Home positioning of ‘Your trusted local Hardware store’ is a message that every member of the 240 strong group is intent on driving home each time someone visits one of their independently-owned stores.

In staking this claim, Home Timber & Hardware are giving some assurances: we’re there for your service; we can be trusted, we know what we are doing, we know our hardware and our livelihood depends on it; we’re local, it’s about our store, we can build relationships with our consumers because we are just around the corner.

“We need to differentiate Home from the other players,” adds Con. “Going forward, our focus will be on our timber and hardware knowledge, expertise and local store ownership. Our members are encouraged by the new positioning and they can see a great future ahead with this new direction.”

A multi-channel campaign will support this new positioning through the clear proposition that Home is ‘The Proper Timber & Hardware Store’. “We’re a down to earth place to go,” says Con. “We have a great personality and we know hardware, we’re local so we’re easy to get to and we’re the place to go when you want to get good advice and support. Simply put, we’re proper.”

Get ready. It’s going to be big!