Never Be Locked Out Again!

Never Be Locked Out Again!

Master Lock – a market leader and innovator in padlock and security solutions – recently extended its range of ‘Select Access’ Key Safes. MAYO

Model 5401D is wall-mountable and offers storage for up to five keys for the house, car, shed padlock, and more. The user can create their own combination, making it easy to remember. A personalised, adjustable combination lock with four dials also offers up to 1,000 combination possibilities for optimal security. Mounting hardware is included for easy attachment to any wall and the compartment door will pivot open in a smooth fashion so that it remains attached to the lock body for easy operation.

Enhanced weather resistance and rust-free performance is provided by a shutter door. An easy-to-grip, dome-shaped dial with slick metallic finish offers easy pushbutton operation and good looks. In addition, the die-cast construction with hardened steel shackle ensures years of reliable key storage.

Model 5400D is of similar construction and offers similar characteristics to the wall mountable model. It is quite portable owing to its 10mm x 47mm hardened steel shackle design which means it could for example be locked around a door knob or fence.

Finally, new to the range is a compact portable model that offers storage for up to two keys. This model features the same shackle as model 5401D on a more compact body.

The Master Lock Select Access range features space-efficient, eye catching clam shell packaging and competitive pricing.