Like No Other

Like No Other

In today’s competitive market, retailers need to be able to change shelf prices quickly and efficiently, and staff must be able to offer accurate and timely advice. As a result, an average hardware retailer uses more than 20,000 paper labels per year to change, update and promote price changes to the shelf edge. Unfortunately, you need only ask any store owner about paper ticketing and they’ll lament what a labour intensive job changing shelf edge paper ticketing can be.

It’s time consuming, often tedious, and you’re legally obliged to use the shelf price – even if the price was already updated on your system, you can’t charge the new price unless it was adjusted on the floor.

ILID, the Australian developer of Visible Light Technology (VLT™), does away with this by allowing stores to change shelf edge information quite literally at the speed of light. Without additional labour, the system can change prices throughout an entire store at the press of a button – and it does this through existing light fixtures (see the Hardware Journal’s June 07 issue for more information). However, ILID’s VLT™ system does not merely result in saved labour and inevitable cost saving. It also cuts lighting energy consumption, eliminates paper ticketing (obviously), and reduces printing and consumables, thereby reducing the overall environmental impact of retailers.

When you think about it, every ticket uses consumables, printers, energy and labour. ILID’s system eliminates the need for paper based price ticketing by making changes directly to the shelf edge via existing store lighting and POS infrastructure. In addition, the system actually extends the life of fluorescent tubes when it is fitted to existing fluorescent lighting, providing additional energy savings across a store. ILID is the only electronic shelf labelling system in the world to use a store’s existing lighting system as its transmission source. VLT™ is an innovation with a global patent, making it the simplest and most cost effective electronic shelf labelling solution on the market.