H.B. Fuller – A Global Company

H.B. Fuller – A Global Company

H.B. Fuller is much bigger than you may have thought. Based in Minnesota in the USA, they are one of the largest adhesive companies in the world, supplying solutions to some of the world’s biggest brands like Coke Cola, Nike and Adidas. H.B. Fuller is also listed on the New York Stock Exchange and is a Fortune 300 listed company.

Worldwide Company Background

In 1887, Harvey Benjamin Fuller devised an innovative, easy-to-use wallpaper paste that quickly caught on with homeowners of his day. In the 120 years that have since passed, the company that bears his name has grown into a well respected force in the specialty chemical industry.

How do they do it?

They start with passionate employees who challenge conventional thinking. They listen to customers and collaborate with them to not only meet their needs, but to exceed their expectations. And they continually strive to raise the bar on every aspect of performance.

With 3,700 employees globally and the ability to reach customers in more than 100 countries throughout the world, H.B. Fuller takes pride in helping develop products people use every day. Their sealants help keep cars quiet and dry.

Their construction and paint brands (USA only) are widely used in both residential and commercial applications. Their packaging solutions are used by some of the world’s best-known companies. And their adhesive products are critical ingredients that bond everything from cardboard boxes to high-rise windows.

Few companies have the opportunity to attain a 120th anniversary and H.B. Fuller are proud to be one of them. As they celebrate a rich heritage, the company looks forward with passion to the future, and the opportunities it brings to further partner with customers to deliver innovative and differentiated products, services and solutions.

H.B. Fuller is a leading provider of specialty chemical products and solutions used to create hundreds of brand name goods across the globe. Your day probably begins and ends with them. Just about everywhere you look you’ll find adhesives and sealants produced by H.B. Fuller. While their products are virtually invisible, they play a role in ensuring the quality and convenience of modern life.

H.B. Fuller – Asia Pacific

H.B. Fuller was established in the Asia Pacific region 1976, operating in industrial and consumer markets. From floor to ceiling, H.B. Fuller consumer products are used throughout the residential and commercial building industries, and provide solutions for the DIY customer.

In Australia and New Zealand, H.B. Fuller sell quality adhesives and sealants in cartridge, sausage, and pail form. Other product offerings include silicones, fillers, foams and accessories.

Enviromentally Friendly Product Development

H.B. Fuller are concerned about the environment so they developed a range of high performance adhesives and sealants that are also sensitive to our environment – no isocynates, low VOC, and low solvent content. This product range includes Floorbond, Tool Box, Super Seal HPR, Gap Filler, water based Maxbond Fast Grip and Stud Adhesive.

Sales Team Restructure For Improved Customer Focus

In mid 2007 a strategic decision was made to become more customer centric. The company’s trading accounts were divided into either Retail hardware or Trade supply outlets. The restructure was based on the fact that customer requirements were different in the two markets.

Ausrep (national sales team of 92) was appointed to service the retail hardware stores while the National sales team covered the Trade supply / industrial outlets. To complement the sales team restructure, H.B. Fuller recruited experienced personnel to fill positions in Retail and Trade Key Account Management, plus Marketing and Product Management.

This ensures they maximise business opportunities by working more closely with their entire customer base to launch the right products and build ongoing marketing campaigns to ensure long term relationships are continued.

New Product Launches, Improved Labels

The new marketing team quickly recognised the opportunity to update product labels, to be more informative, and be more product/job related. 2008 has already seen the re-launch of Tool Box, Super Seal HPR, Building Filler, Easy Tile and Easy Filler and big things are planned for H.B. Fuller’s hero product – Max Bond.

Later in 2008 you will see new and innovative products being launched to meet your customer requirements either in efficiencies, environmentally friendly or improved formulas.

A new comprehensive website www.hbfuller.com.au will also be up and running mid year. It will include helpful hints, TDS and MSDS data sheets.

By restructuring the business to meet customer needs, H.B. Fuller have built a strong foundation to ensure strong growth thus ensuring H.B. Fuller ‘gets the job done’ in 2008 and beyond.

Contact your H.B. Fuller representative for more details on any of the above product launches, the trade product guide, or the environmentally friendly ranges. Alternatively, call Customer Service on 1800423855.