Selleys Point Work Gen II

Selleys Point Work Gen II

Selleys Point Works Gen II is an exciting new pointing system used by roof tilers to adhere hip and ridge tiles. It complies with Australian Standard AS4046.8 adhesive mechanical fasteners – flexible pointing. This means that it removes the need for fastening clips on hip and ridge tiles as required by AS2050 – installation of roof tiles, when correctly installed.

Until the early nineties only cement based mixes were used for pointing. When ready to use flexible pointing was introduced it was considered a major breakthrough, since it allowed for better colour consistency, reduced cracking and less wastage. Following this period, many flexible-pointing products became available on the market, but these ready to use, water-based compounds created some new issues. They were slow to achieve rain resistance in wet and cold conditions and they could suffer from premature skinning in hot and windy weather.

Widespread use of flexible pointing initiated a need for quality standards resulting in Appendix F being introduced to Australian Standard 2050-1995 – installation of roof tiles. The Australian Standard 2050 was amended to include performance requirements of adhesive mechanical fastening material as an alternative to mechanically fastening every ridge tile. These requirements are specified in AS 4046.8.

Furthermore, AS2050 required that only pointing meeting these requirements is allowed to be labelled as adhesive mechanical fastening. All other non-compliant flexible pointing was required to be marked as flexible pointing. Despite this, most flexible pointing compounds on the market continue to claim compliance to the original Australian Standard 2050-1995 Appendix F.

This is where Point Works Gen II is different. It is the first flexible pointing to comply with the new Australian Standard 2050 – and incidentally, it also passed AS4046.8 at Cyclone Wind Category C4.

As stated, water based, ready to use flexible pointing products face the problem of extended drying time in cold, wet and humid conditions. This increases the risk of problems occurring due to rain exposure prior to drying, commonly referred to as ‘slump’ or ‘wash-out’. This is not a problem with Point Works Gen II, however, since an accelerant spray can be used to speed up drying and provide early weather resistance in cold, humid and wet conditions. In typical conditions, drying can occur within two hours after application of the spray.

Similarly, hotter climates also present problems with overly fast drying times. Ready to use pointing can dry too quickly and begin to skin in the pail, creating lumps, or dags, making it difficult to tool. Point Works Gen II Retardant Spray prevents premature skinning in the pail by up to 20 minutes, extending tooling time and allowing more time for the user to get the job done properly.

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