Pool Safety Begins At The Gate

Pool Safety Begins At The Gate

Drowning remains the leading cause of accidental deaths amongst Australian children under five years, with 35 unnecessary toddler drownings recorded last year alone. For this reason it is critical that householders, parents and pool owners take every step possible to protect toddlers around water. Adequate supervision always remains the most effective method, but this isn’t always possible. For this reason, it is important to ensure that pools are adequately protected by an effective gate and fencing system.

An effective pool gate requires two key elements: self-closing hinges (tension adjustable are best) that are long-lasting and rust free, and a reliable magnetic latching mechanism that remains out of toddlers’ reach. Australian company D&D Technologies produces a Pool Safety Gate Kit that addresses both of these important requirements. D&D’s Pool Safety Gate Kit features a set of self-closing TruClose® hinges that can be easily adjusted to the correct tension for automatic closure. A specially angled ‘Hinge Safety Cap’ is included with the hinges, which makes the bottom hinge unusable for toddlers trying to climb the fence.

The Kit also includes a magnetically triggered MagnaLatch® ‘Top Pull’ Safety Gate latch. The release knob on the Magna-Latch® Top Pull model extends up above the fence line so that it remains well out of reach of toddlers. The latch is also key lockable. MagnaLatch and TruClose hinges are also sold individually, but the Kit is the best option for safeguarding most child safety gates. In fact, D&D’s safety gate products are used extensively on childcare centre gates and at many other child safety accesses points around homes and commercial areas.

Both the Magnalatch® and TruClose® ranges are made from strong, rust-free engineering polymers and stainless steel components. Both have won the prestigious Australian Design Award for excellence, and they are backed by D&D’s Lifetime Warranty.