Outside The Box

Outside The Box

1-11 Site Boxes are high end high margin trade items that require almost no technical expertise to sell

When 1-11 National Sales Manager Ron Garlepp travels to a training session he makes a habit of observing the new constructions and road works that inevitably line the way from the airport. When he arrives at his destination he then stops for five minutes to count the number of one tonners passing by on the nearest main road (his record is 93 in five minutes at Blackwoods Carole Park).

While most of us feel that road works and construction are a nuisance and an eye sore, to Ron it all means opportunity and dollars. And he has one very simple message that he wants to send to all retailers: “Construction is everywhere, so make a margin on it.”

There are literally tens of thousands of busy tradies who are actively looking for premium storage solutions, which means Site Boxes will be in high demand. They are big, loud and highly noticeable thanks to their bright colours for safe onsite use, and while you might think it sounds a little clichéd, they really do sell themselves. And here’s the best part: you do not need any complex technical knowledge to sell these.

“There’s absolutely nothing technical about them,” says Ron. “You’re selling security, you’re selling a solution, and you’re not selling on price. That’s all you need to know,” he says. “The price of steel has gone up around the world and everyone knows that. So if you have something so big in your store, make a margin on these at a price that won’t frighten your customers.”

1-11 Site Boxes will suit any store that carries even the smallest trade component. Made from fully welded 1.5mm cold rolled steel, they have extra heavy duty side handles and can be transported by fork lifts. They are finished in powder coated yellow with under coating for rust protection. Each site box will require two padlocks to be properly secured, an obvious prime opportunity for add on sales. A secure locking system also means the padlocks are fully concealed.

1-11 Site Boxes are available in three sizes: 1220 x 615 x 700 weighing 73 Kg, 1220 x 760 x 850 weighing 86 Kg, and 1000 x 1000 x 600 weighing 86 Kg. Each product also comes with a 12 month manufacturer’s warranty. POS and merchandising material is not supplied for the simple reason that it will not be needed.

To date, demand has been nothing short of incredible and Ron is already working on the next line. “They have only been in the market for a couple of months and already we have improved them with gas struts,” says Ron. “We are also bringing out a third size in response to market demand.”

Visit www.1-11.com.au/ or call (03) 8325 6999 for more information. The part numbers are Site 1 Site 2.