Hot Stuff

Hot Stuff

Dux Hot Water have launched the country’s first comprehensive website for calculating Federal and State Government hot water rebates at the click of a button.

The site helps simplify and explain the various rebates available for hot water systems while also making claiming an easier process.

Consumers previously had to download application forms after referring to numerous different websites.

The website also provides detailed information to retailers, many of whom have been left confused about all the rebates on offer.

The site offers a web-based calculator that automatically determines rebates once a few questions are answered.

Plumbers only need to enter their client’s postcode, followed by the current type of water heater and what replacement system the client is looking at. All Federal and State rebates in Australia are featured on the website and are updated regularly.

The website guides plumbers through various rebate fact sheets and a hot water product selection guide in order to determine the best hot water system for their customer’s needs. The rebate is then calculated for the system at the current values.