Promote Your Store

Promote Your Store are not an Australian manufacturer but they are certainly a case of true Australian innovation. The company founders have an ambitious vision: to provide to the hardware industry what sites like did for real estate and did for the automotive industry. lets store owners promote themselves to consumers and the trade through the internet. However, unlike traditional advertising, only charges you for genuine expressions of interest. It’s extremely affordable and offers exceptional ROI. How does this work? Quite simply – that’s the short answer. When you sign up to the site you can create a profile for your store. This can contain as much information as you like (for paid accounts – limited free accounts are also available), which can be searched for by tradies or DIYers looking for information such as brands, location, ranges etc. As long as the keyword is in your profile and as long it falls within the search criteria (eg within 10 Km or 50 Km of a postcode or suburb), your store will show up if. But wait, there’s more.

Up until now this will cost you nothing, and rightly so, because you don’t want to pay for just any search that happens to stumble across your site. Rather, you only pay for genuine expressions of interest i.e. actual leads. If a potential customer wants to obtain your phone number then that’s generally a good sign that they’re interested. The site lets users click to ‘reveal’ your contact details and this costs you only 49 cents. If someone then submits a written quote (which you can automatically receive via fax, email and SMS) then that’s an even better sign that they’re a good lead, and you’re charged 99 cents. It’s not cumulative, so someone who obtains your phone number and then submits a quote would still only cost you 99 cents. Importantly, your spend is limited to any amount you like, so there’s no risk of runaways bills. was developed out of necessity by former tradies who know from first hand experience what the customer wants from a retailer. Retailers who mention the Hardware Journal when they sign up to will receive $20 of starting credit for free. They are not obliged to spend anything after that.