Take Your Business To New Heights

Take Your Business To New Heights

Those who work in the truss manufacturing trade know only too well the difficulties of storing products prior to delivery from the factory. It is for this very reason that Meca Racking Solutions recently developed a new storage solution for the efficient storage of manufactured truss products in outdoor areas.

Meca engineers developed the new truss racking to accommodate lengths of up to 12 metres with bay areas up to 2.4 metres deep. The system, which comes in both single sided and double sided configurations, is made from galvanized steel racking that is also suitable for outdoor storage as well as warehouses.

Depending on weight, each fully adjustable bay level will hold up to three sets of trusses, dramatically increasing storage space. Truss racks are fully adjustable in bay levels and can also be in offset configurations for easy stock maintenance.

Meca Racking Solutions recently completed a specialised truss racking solution for Brisbane Building Supplies in Cabalaba, Queensland. The problem for this timber outlet was that long waits between order completion and delivery meant that stock could be held for weeks at a time. However, when trusses were placed into racks above the ground this not only provided the trusses with additional protection from the environment but also freed additional ground storage.

Flat packing orders on the ground requires them to be placed behind each other which often means that stock needs to be double handled for picking purposes. Truss racking now makes order picking and storage placement easier and faster while also reducing damage to stock.