Intruder Alert!

Intruder Alert!

Thorny Devil™ spikes may look terrifying but they are designed to only cause discomfort (rather than harm) to animal or human intruders…

Thorny Devil™ intruder deterrent spikes from Securi-Cap Pty Ltd are spiky plastic fittings that are easily attached to fences. They are designed to cause discomfort and look menacing to intruders and animals but they are not intended to cause actual harm or damage.

The idea behind Thorny Devil™ spikes was developed in Australia, with much of the inspiration coming from the West Australian lizard of the same name. They are a ‘low harm’ deterrent specifically designed to make intruders think twice before attempting to scale a fence (most trespassers will not enter a property if they feel that they are at risk). However, the spikes will only inflict considerable discomfort rather than cause actual harm even if an intruder does proceed.

The qualities of Thorny Devil™ fence spikes also extend to animal intruders. Whether it’s a possum, a stray or a bird, the spikes are short and spaced, with an apex that is purposely made with a radius, meaning any harmful effects can only be caused by continued applied pressure. Cats and possums do not exert much pressure because they do not weigh much which means the spikes inflict discomfort but not harm. This is a very powerful deterrent because cats and possums have excellent survival skills and keen eyesight. They can easily recognise the Thorny Devil™ spikes from a distance and they will generally modify their behaviour following a ‘close encounter’. Thorny Devil™ spikes can be easily fitted in under three minutes per metre. They are made from UV resistant PVC material that can be affixed with ease (they are not made from Polypropylene because of its propensity to burn). The spikes can be painted to match any fence colour or alternatively they can remain ‘natural’ unpainted.

Also available from Securi-Cap Pty Ltd are bird spikes. Developed in Australia as part of the Thorny Devil™ range, they are designed to minimise bird mess, a problem with which many builders, painters and landscapers often become familiar with before the first coat of paint has even been applied. Thorny Devil™ bird spikes are ideal for protecting outdoor living areas and they are very simple to install, requiring just a few dollops of silicone.

Thorny Devil™ fence spikes and bird spikes are available for most applications including fences, gates, poles, pipes, pylons, gantries, roofs, signs, shade structures, public buildings and even train station roofs.

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