No Mozzies, No Pooling

No Mozzies, No Pooling

Reln have introduced a surface water drainage pit that eliminates an especially troublesome problem in many parts of Australia: mosquito breeding due to water pooling.

The Uni-Pit™ is an inline drainage pit that has a unique vortex interior design engineered to quickly clear unwanted surface water from tiled and paved areas around houses and apartments as well as commercial and industrial buildings.

The Uni-Pit® is designed to clear water quickly from the middle of the bottom of the pit rather than pipe water from the side of conventional pits. This is because the conventional method still allows water to become trapped in the bottom of the pit, below the pipe join, transforming the water into a breeding ground for mosquitoes.

Many councils in areas like Lismore, Nrthern Queensland, the Northern Territory and warmer parts of Western Australia have introduced eradication programs to combat this problem.

The Uni-Pit™ is also quite stylish and easy to install, eliminating much of the hard work associated with installing a traditional system. It fits directly into the storm water line with PVC glue, eliminating the need for excavations, pipe cutting and fixing.

Made from 100 percent recycled plastic, the inline drainage system also eliminates the need for risers because the vertical pipe connecting to the storm water line can simply be cut to the required depth. This ensures that setting finishing levels is far easier than with conventional pits. Levels are achieved by laying the pipes rather than aligning with the sides of conventional pits.

The Uni-Pit™ has a flush-fitting grate on the system that is designed not to catch shoe heels. It also comes in a black concave version for use under taps and downpipes. It is available in a range of colours to fit in with surroundings, including aluminium, terracotta, green and sandstone. Available in several sizes, all Uni-Pit® grates also have a built-in anti-tamper feature.

CAPTION: The Uni-Pit™ is designed to prevent water from turning into a breeding ground for mosquitoes. It is very easy to install.