Trade Quality Made DIY Easy

Trade Quality Made DIY Easy

The new Boscote range from Bostik places a diverse range of products with countless application under one convenient brand…

Boscote is the umbrella brand for a new range of timber coatings, plaster and render compounds from Bostik Australia. The range came about after Bostik acquired several companies like Wood-Mans, AV Syntec, Timber Care and Quikcote.

Boscote is made for DIYers but is good enough for professionals. It combines some of the latest coatings technology with idiot proof labelling which makes product selection and application as easy as possible. The end result is a wide range of diverse applications under one handy label.

The range includes coatings and related products that are part of a system for coatings, like the Boscote Timber Finishes range. This range incorporates products from Timber Care and Wood-Mans and uses some very clever technology like ‘bubble poppers’ that makes application far easier with a mohair roller. One well known product from Timber Care is Sports Floor. It is the preferred coating for gymnasium floors in schools and sporting centres across Australia.

The Boscote range also comprises plaster and render products that include powders and ready to use products that were part of Quikcote. The range includes repair and jointing compounds for interior plasterboard and exterior blue board applications as well as Boscote Acrylic Render, a high strength acrylic modified off white cement render. This last product was designed by Bostik Australia’s Technical Director John Moses.

Underpinning the technology and the depth of range are some new labels that feature (extremely) easy to read icons for application information as well as new ‘Step 1 – Prep, Step 2 – Prime and Step 3 – Finish’ tags. The products are also colour coded to distinguish between solvent and water based products.

Melinda Wiggins, Bostik Category Manager, Hardware & Decorator Division, says that the new range is only the beginning and that there’s more to come.

“The plan for the Boscote range is to bring all coatings that Bostik owns under one label,” she says. “The range will continue to grow as more products are re-badged and join the Boscote family. The Boscote range will be available to all hardware and independent paint specialists. However, Bostik also service many other markets because of our diversity of products. Equipment hire and timber flooring (floor sanders and polishers) are two markets that Boscote will target.”

Bostik also market Ultraset, Australia’s number one timber floor adhesive. Supplied and recommended by Boral and Embelltons, Ultraset complements the new range of Boscote timber finishes, meaning Bostik now offer all the required products for laying and finishing an interior timber floor, including self levelling compounds, moisture barriers, adhesives and coatings.

Boscote will continue to grow with the next line of products scheduled to include speciality concrete and paving coatings like Suregrip, Wetlook and Dynacryl. These products were sold in the home state of their respective manufacturing company but under the Boscote name they will enjoy national branding and recognition.

CAPTION: Coatings Sales Manager Nik Lindstrom and National Business Manager Ray Ansell show off the new range.