Unbelievable Un-Du

Unbelievable Un-Du

Un-Du is an amazing product that temporarily neutralises adhesives so that they can be removed without damaging surfaces. After an unfortunate hiatus it is finally back in Australia…

Timbermate Managing Director Errol Mymin first came across the wonder product Un-Du while searching for something clever and new to bring back to Australia during the 1995 Chicago hardware fair. After looking in vain for several hours he was almost ready to give up when suddenly he bumped into a nutty professor type who was busily removing pieces of sticky tape from tissue paper.

Intrigued, he took a closer look and saw the professor squirting small drops of liquid onto the tape. The stuff was soaking into the tissue and the tape was coming off without damaging the tissue in any way. The professor then wrote with ink all over some paper and applied more liquid to show that the ink wouldn’t run or splotch. And finally – just to really hammer home the point – he proceeded to squirt it all over Errol’s shirt, to show that it didn’t damage fabric and that it evaporated without a trace in less than a minute. Now there are many ways in which one would react to being assailed by a strange chemical. In Errol’s case, it was to ask if he could please have it for Australia!

Un-Du is a liquid in a bottle that temporarily neutralises the adhesive property on almost any surface including chewing gum and tar. Made in the US, its key ingredient is a non oily and non greasy chemical called Heptane. Unlike similar products, Heptane dissipates within a few seconds which means it doesn’t leave a smell or an oily reside.

One of the most popular uses for Un-Du is in scrapbooking, where it works wonders on old photos and print. Since Un-Du is not acidic it won’t run or splotch ink. It is also ideal for removing labels, barcodes and duct tape, as well as Blu Tack™.

Un-Du was even used on ancient editions of the Hardware Journal, when many years an enterprising researcher who had scoured our archives (our editions on file go back all the way to 1886) had left them littered with sticky markers. They were impossible to remove without damaging the fine old print so our archives remained like that for several years. Then one day some bright spark had the foresight to use acid free Un-Du. It worked perfectly and not a single mark or stain remained on the 100+ year old print.

Un-Du was originally distributed in Australia by Timbermate when (for reasons beyond Timbermate’s control) supply ceased in 2004. However, Errol tracked down the original inventor in 2008 and now Timbermate are responsible for Australian (and potentially global) distribution.

POS display boxes are available on request as are tear off sheets (shelf talkers). Un-Du is available in 30 ml and 118 ml bottles. A small bottle will remove about 50 reasonably sized labels.

Call Timbermate on 1800 354 811 or visit www.timbermate.com.au for more information.

We didn’t believe Errol when he said that Un-Du could remove sticky tape from tissue paper so we tested it ourselves, with incredible results…

1 A piece of sticky tape (it’s a little difficult to see because of its transparency) is placed on tissue.

2 A few drops of Un-Du are applied. The tape is then removed with little effort.

3 After less than a minute, the liquid has fully evaporated without leaving any trace. The tissue remains fully intact and no residue or smell remains on the surface.