Kärcher Australia Celebrate 25 Years

Kärcher Australia Celebrate 25 Years

As water restrictions around Australia become more severe it is vital that consumers recognise and acquire the most effective water saving products on the market.

Kärcher have helped reduce water wastage across Australia for 25 years and to celebrate this achievement a Jubilee model K5.55 pressure cleaner will be released in July. The new model will come with a complete range of accessories including the T400 high speed patio and deck cleaner that is perfect for large outdoor areas. The T400 comes with an added power nozzle for extra efficient cleaning in corners and around edges.

Kärcher cleaners are legal in all Australian states because they can be used with a bucket or a tank although users should always check local water restrictions prior to use. Kärcher cleaners use up to 80 percent less water and apply 35 times more pressure than a regular garden hose (a typical hose with an average suburban water pressure of 4.5 bar uses 3500 litres per hour while a Kärcher high pressure cleaner with a spray lance uses 400 to 600 litres per hour at up to 172 bar).

Like other Kärcher pressure cleaners, the Jubilee model K5.55 will carry the Smart Approved WaterMark logo, the independent outdoor water saving labelling program for products and services that help reduce water use around the home.

CAPTION: Kärcher will celebrate 25 years of saving water in Australia with the release of the Jubilee model K5.55 pressure cleaner in July.