In A Class Of Their Own

In A Class Of Their Own

The latest T+3 Series of cordless drills from Festool may nominally fall under the typical 12 or 15 volt banner but these drills use a new motor concept that can attain extraordinary performance levels often found only in the next highest voltage class.

The T+3 Series comes with the patented EC-TEC motor that is made by Festool. This unique motor not only works without wearing because it does not use carbon brushes – it also works with intelligent motor management that converts battery energy into performance nearly without any loss.

This means greater screwdriving capacity, controlled power use and unique torque setting. No matter what loads the T+3 Series is subjected to, the EC-TEC motor maintains a constant speed, always providing the correct power.

CAPTION: The Festool T+3 Series offers extraordinary power for a 12 or 15 volt drill.