Another Milestone for Karcher

Another Milestone for Karcher

As Karcher celebrates its 25th birthday, and the 25th birthday of the first domestic pressure cleaner, it is time to reflect on this iconic company’s impact on the Australian industry. Renowned for its investment into R&D, Karcher has launched product after product – all of which are acclaimed by retailers and end users.

Underpinning these new product ranges is a pattern of intensive investment and a team of R&D specialists based in Germany. The Australian company is careful to hand pick only those models that will be suited to Australia’s rugged conditions. This has ensured Karcher a place at the forefront of the market it services.

Inventive spirit and innovative thinking have always been its hallmarks and these ideals can be dated back to company founder, Alfred Kärcher. He was an inventor. And the company has preserved his spirit – conquering new frontiers with industry leading technology, product design and features.

One of Alfred’s employees said of him: “He was always in his element when we were running trials and tests. The atmosphere was simply exciting. He just couldn’t be stopped. He had a constant stream of new ideas.” And his ideals remain intrinsic to the company today.

Karcher’s innovations just keep coming. This year saw the release of a special anniversary model, the K 5.55 Jubilee. The unit is a fully-packed, heavy-duty pressure cleaner and comes standard with a T400 T-Racer, ideal for quick cleaning and more even over a wide range of surfaces including, driveways, decking, patio’s and more. The K 5.55 Jubilee also comes equipped with a built in detergent tank, Dirtblaster and Vario Spray Lance. Like the rest of Kärcher’s pressure cleaner range, the K 5.55 Jubilee can draw water directly from a bucket or water tank making it legal to use across all Australian states. It is ideal for water saving, and uses up to 80% less water then a garden hose while applying up to 30 times the pressure*! This year has also seen the release of an all-new range of domestic water pumps. The range includes a model to suit all applications and homes, including everything from garden and house supply pumps to dirt and clean water submersible pumps. New products aimed specifically at the trade market have also been launched this year.

The company now looks forward to relaunching its website. The developments, which will be unveiled later this year, are set to make the Australian site much more user friendly and increase the amount of information available to both end-users and retailers. While innovation is important, the thing that keeps your customers coming back is, of course, service. And this is another of the key reasons Karcher has enjoyed such success in the Australian market: a focus on customer care.

A Karcher retailer told AHJ: “That’s why it’s so rewarding to stock and sell Karcher: it’s easy to sell because it’s a quality product. The sales team finds it easy to be passionate about it – and of course it’s so well supported. When something does go wrong, warranty issues are always readily dealt with.”

The company boasts an excellent team of customer care representatives awaiting calls and ready to assist with any questions or problems. Thanks to a period of growth, in an economic climate which had has seen lesser suppliers consolidating and cutting back, Karcher has employed new staff to assist with a steady increase in sales – this will ensure Karcher continues raising the bar in customer service.

*Based on average suburban water pressure of 3500 l/hr at 4.5 bar. A Karcher high pressure cleaner with spray lance uses 400 – 600 l/hr and up to 172