Driving sustainable building in residential sector

Driving sustainable building in residential sector

The BCA (Building Code of Australia) 2010 proposed guidelines of a minimum six-star energy rating for residential buildings across Australia, is a progressive move in response to the global concern about greenhouse gas emissions and negative impacts on the environment. Well and truly braced for these changes are Burbank Homes and Bradford Insulation whose long time collaboration has driven innovation in sustainable living to key milestones including Burbank’s Future Collection of Homes offering a 7-star energy rating as standard.

The partnership was an obvious choice for both Burbank Homes and Bradford Insulation, with shared company visions toward more sustainable living through product innovation and education.

In the latest partnership to support Burbank Homes’ Future Collection of 7-star rated buildings, Bradford Insulation has contributed to achieving sustainable energy goals with the strategic use of ceiling, wall and floor insulation batts and reflective foil laminate as well as acoustic insulation.

Customers can select from a range of energy efficient Bradford Comfortchoice solutions at the Burbank Homes client studio, called the ‘Edge’, where cut out stud walls are on display, showing a number of products that provide thermal insulation and acoustic benefits. Paul Puhar, associate director of Burbank Homes, says that pushing the boundaries with the 7-star rated design innovation has been a daring task involving thorough research and analysis which has seen excellent results by filling the gap for consumers keen to go even greener. “Our 7-star range, a first for the volume builder market, is extremely popular, comprising around 30% of Burbank’s detached home sales,” said Paul.

“Burbank has found that clients agonise over these sustainable selections, due to poor understanding in the community, so the secret ingredient to the success of this brand has been making it easy for the clients by providing standardised specifications that allow them to comfortably select 7-stars, in all cases regardless of orientation.” According to Paul, the partnership with Bradford Insulation has helped Burbank Homes achieve this for the customer.

For more information on Burbank Homes Future Collection visit www.burbankhomes.com.au or call 13 BURBANK (13 2872). To contact Bradford Insulation visit www.bradfordinsulation.com.au or call 1300 850 305