Something’s a Mess

Something’s a Mess

In major cities across the country, bigger houses are being built on blocks that are shrinking. One problem that has remained constant, however, is where to store all the ‘stuff’ that we accumulate. Often, it’s the garage that’s given the job, so AHJ canvassed five companies about their garage storage solutions.
Gladiator Garageworks

Gladiator Garage Works provides a complete garage storage solution system ranging from a Gear Track Starter Pack, which is perfect for a garden shed to organise a range of tools, to a full garage solution including wall systems, cabinets, work stations and tool chests.

“Most of our competitors only provide parts of the picture, whereas Gladiator Garage Works provides the complete solution to garage and shed storage. We only supply the highest quality product with warranties ranging from 10 years to ‘Limited Lifetime’,” says Kylie Collins, Senior Brand Manager for Peter McInnes Pty Ltd, which owns the distribution rights to Gladiator Garageworks.

“Gladiator gives the retailer a genuine growth opportunity for the category by providing a system which can be built on over time. Consumers can start with a basic wall hook system and gradually grow their purchases with a fully integrated garage storage solution. Gladiator provides the retailer with great dollar margin opportunities. Some single sales have been recorded at the $2000 – $3000 mark.

“The whole range is relatively new in Australia, but the most recent addition to the range would be the Gladiator Claw, which is designed to hang bicycles vertically from the garage roof with an innovative quick grab and release system.

“The bigger our houses get the more stuff we seem to amass. We have spoken to people who have 4 bedroom + study + playroom houses, and they still manage to have stuff in every nook of their house, car and desk, and are struggling to regain control. It’s ‘stuff’ that you still need and want, but just not necessarily exploding onto the lounge room floor and kitchen table. And with a garage storage solution like Gladiator, the garage is the perfect place to store this stuff and reclaim your living space.

“Gardening tools, camping gear, sports equipment and hardware are always going to be better off stored in the garage. The difference is now we want it stored nicely and in a way that means it’s easy to find when we need it. When you’re already time poor, who wants to spend three hours looking for the tent pegs before you head off on holiday?”

Freecall: 1800 452 342

Tekraft, a Danks exclusive brand, makes steel, powder-coated frames with 10mm MDF shelves. “Each SKU within the range is highly popular and suited to various market needs,” says Jay Mills, Brand Manager for Tekraft. “Ultimately, the store will select which unit(s) suits their market. Stores in inner city markets might find the smaller Tekraft 4 shelf unit a highly popular item and vice-versa for regional centres and/or bigger stores. “Like all Danks Exclusive Products, the aim is to offer a highly competitively priced product with similar to national brand quality. We have very recently streamlined our Tekraft Boltless Shelving range down to six key and highly popular lines. These six lines have been further refined to cater for consumer demands and provide greater sales and profits for Danks members.

“The Tekraft shelving range is backed by John Danks & Son with a lifetime warranty. From a quality perspective, Tekraft shelving units all have powder-coated steel frames that reduce rusting and provide a clean and tidy look when setup in any garage. They are also all designed with ‘boltless construction’, making it quick and easy to setup and each Tekraft unit has exceptional weight capacity. “Ultimately, the range itself caters to almost all needs and is conveniently available through Danks DC’s nationally.”

Price range: “Medium pricing with exceptional quality”
Tel: 1300 131 843
Romak Hardware Distributors

Romak Hardware Distributors provides storage solutions ranging from the basic pegboard hook through to shelving units and a complete workbench, with add-on tools storage components that can transform a messy, disorganised garage into a garage that any pit crew would feel at home with. “Items that are manufactured from metal are our strength, therefore shelving and benches have been the focus of our design team,” says Romak Director, Oscar Lin.

“Our shelving is suitable for the garage, shed, home or office and can store everything from cans of paint, sporting equipment, books and any other clutter that people accumulate over the years. We have shelving units that are capable of holding up to 200kgs per shelf and all are designed as boltless, so minimal tools are required to assemble as there are no bolts, nuts or screws used. “Our newest range is focusing on garage organisation, with 19 items that are designed to attach to walls to hang bicycles, garden tools, stepladders, hoses, leads and just about any hand tool. This range also includes overhead storage solutions, providing additional space within the garage by utilising the area above vehicles. They can be perfect for extension ladders, surf boards, fishing rods and long lengths of building materials.

“Price and value for money are definitely our two main strengths. As we own the factory that produces the products, we have control and influence, from design to packaging. This also ensures a high standard of quality and that inventory is available when needed. We have three warehouses throughout Australia and a team in each state to service the needs of retailers.

“There may be more places to store household items in bigger homes, but it’s also being organised that matters. Using a big box to throw everything into is history. Now it’s all about having a home for everything and everything having a home.”
Price range: “Medium to low”
Tel: (03) 9795 6789
Spanbilt specialises in manufacturing ready-to-assemble metal storage cabinets in a zincalume finish. Their Storage Cabinets are supplied as ready-to-assemble kits that are easy to transport home from the hardware store. They are available with or without doors and are ideal for garage storage.

“From our experience, many people end up buying a garden shed to put beside their garage, to get the stuff out of the garage so they can get the cars back in. In newer housing estates, it seem to take about 18 to 24 months for the cars to be squeezed out of the garage, and a alternative storage solution like a garden shed is purchased,” says Kevin Schriek, Sales Manager at Spanbilt.

“Houses are getting bigger, but the average block now has less yard area. Families are accumulating more and more sporting, camping and gardening equipment that can’t be stored inside the house. This equipment eventually overruns the garage and forces cars out of the garage. Often, the solution is to install a narrow model garden shed down the side of the house for the push bikes, mowers etc.”
Price range: “Better value”
Tel: (07) 3827 8022

1-11 Pty Ltd

1-11 specialises in innovative products of the highest quality. They phased out a range of specific garage storage products, like upright cabinets and small trolleys, some time ago. What they kept includes work stations and work benches that can be fitted with drawers and cabinets, tool trolleys and tool chests. 1-11’s most recent garage storage product was their Phoenix branded workbenches and high density storage, which they released over two years ago. “The major hurdle to our original Workshop Storage Solutions range was that virtually no distributors were prepared to install a range on the shop floor,” explained Ron Garlepp, National Sales Manager for 1-11. “The result was that potential purchasers were disappointed to find that they could not look at the actual display and visualise their own finished workshop.”

Price range: “High”