Touchy Feely

Touchy Feely

Move over whites, neutrals and greys! The forecast for wall fashion is that consumers will be painting using bold splashes of colour and exciting textures.
Textures add interest and style to an otherwise ordinary space and are so easy to apply. Stone gives an earthy, rock-like finish and is great for imperfect walls. It creates extra depth and dimension to walls and is available in modern tones depicting taupes, rich berries, deep moody blues and old favourites chocolate, latte and cappuccino. The stone finish lends itself to most rooms in the home and is perfect for a study, billiard room or boy’s room. With a bit of imagination, you can use stone to update an old fireplace instead of rendering it.

Metallics are reminiscent of the Art Deco era but still suitable to modernist styles. Metallics reflect light and create the appearance of brushed precious metals, and the colours available are stunning and surprisingly subtle. Add some romance to a bedroom by using a sophisticated metallic. The colours are soft and light, but can also be daring and sensual e.g. gold, silver, pewter, mocha, bronze, greens and charcoal. The metallics are also used as an accent for a bar wall or child’s room (boys love silvers). Create nuances of light in the dining room, where metallics can be luminous and team beautifully with white or contemporary hues.

Pearlgives an iridescent satin gleam and is available in a gorgeous palette of whites and neutrals. It adds elegance and can be used in bedrooms and formal areas such as entrances, hallways, dining rooms and lounge rooms. The colours are subtle and soft, like the essence of a pearl itself. Pearl finishes may be used alone and can also be used as an accent to suede or silk. Used on ceilings, pearl can add luminescence to lighting and can highlight intricate details in cornices and ceiling roses that are often found in Victorian and Edwardian homes.

Silktexture is a low-sheen, silky-smooth finish available in designer colours. Its soft finish adds depth and boldness to colours and it can be tinted for a wider range of colour choices. Colours suited to this soft, smooth finish range from whites, lattes, brilliant reds, warm golden tones and French blues, purples and greys. It is suitable for use in all rooms of the home. An alternative way of creating warm, eye-catching features can be achieved with nothing more than a stroke of a paintbrush. There has been an increasing trend towards adding stripes – both horizontal and vertical – including combining effects paints to create stripes with contrasting depths. A scheme including a silk colour with depth and metallic silver or pewter can help transform decorative dreams into reality, especially when consumers are looking for a wallpaper effect.

Textures add a creative touch to any type of room. Suede, metallic, stone and pearl finishes make a personal statement on any type of wall application.Suedeleaves an earthy texture on walls, providing an alternative to wallpaper. It is also great for hiding imperfections in walls and creates a contemporary finish echoing the appearance of suede. The rich depth of colour achieved can resemble a Moroccan Kasbah or the outback charm of an Australian farmhouse. Suede inspires a modernist look, with shades of oatmeal, white, cocoa and charcoal highlighting and accenting modern styles of furniture, or try teaming avocado green with white and latte palettes. Suede can be used on its own to create a cosy ambience that will add elegance to any room.

Forecast Palettes
New colour palettes we will see range from pale blues, refreshing aquas, midnight blues and turquoise, a reminder of the Aegean Sea that leaves a feeling of holidaying under the summer sun. Combine these hues with a metallic in a silver, coffee or dusty gold. These hues can be used for any room in any style of home. Blues combine so well with the mocha palettes and work in both contemporary and traditional styles. One of the most interesting new palettes is the driftwood palette. Colours of taupe, brownish greys and stony hues have struck a natural balance after mixing them with old gold and leather. This palette is soft and harmonious, and is perfectly complemented by some of the soft pearl colours and stone textures. The earthy hues add warmth and depth, while the grey-browns and taupe-whites refresh the scene. This palette’s timber-inspired feeling will provide a natural essence in any space.

The driftwood palette is mixed with powerful purple and mixed berry hues, with rich splashes of violet and jewel-like colours. Examples are rich deep reds, rubies and delicious berries and plums. The palette may be combined with stone texture finishes in earthy browns, cinnamon and biscuits. For an alternative, use a more subtle look of pearl. These colours make a beautiful addition to master bedrooms and formal living rooms and home theatres.

The latest environmental palette will be a welcome accent to any interior. Greens provide a fresh, natural, calming and earthy tone to a room. Olive greens, avocado, lime and citrus yellow-greens are a peaceful addition to any room in the home. Greens project authenticity and evoke earthiness, while giving warmth and homeliness if used alongside raspberry, rose and purple hues. Use it liberally with the white, latte and mocha hues, or alone but with splashes of oranges, reds and aquas. Combine with the rich texture of stone in family rooms and you’ll have a very light and cheerful scheme.

A desirable colour palette is the hot reds, dramatic oranges, bold canary yellows and lemon. These upbeat colours are making a dramatic return in painted walls and soft furnishings, adding warmth and sensuality and bringing the beauty of Australian sunsets into interior spaces. They can be combined with neutrals, whites and many other colours. Yellows always add sunlight and brightness to any interior, which can also be balanced by scheming it with the deeper greys and charcoals.

A tone-on-tone palette can resemble a New York skyline. Sophisticated whites, grey-whites and pale greys – with the addition of metallic silvers, shiny charcoal and stainless steel – create a contemporary palette. By adding black, even as an accent, you can create drama to the overall scheme. This palette is timeless for the decorator who likes to combine a simple scheme with splashes of bolder colour or colourful artwork.