Paint Levy Trial Approved

Paint Levy Trial Approved

The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) has allowed the Australian Paint Manufacturers Federation (APMF) to conduct a 12-month waste paint collection trial in Victoria. The trial will be funded by a levy of two cents per litre applied to the wholesale supply of architectural and decorative (A&D) paint in Australia.

The trial will operate from July 1, 2011 to July 1, 2012. Authorisation has been granted until December 1, 2012 to allow for a transition from the Victorian trial to an expanded national scheme if the trial is successful. The APMF will seek a separate authorisation for the expanded scheme, if required.

At the moment, government programs capture only domestic waste paints. The new trial will redress that situation. Working on an existing waste paint program operating in Victoria called ‘Detox your Home’, the APMF trial will include trade painters.

The APMF estimates that currently, only 51% of trade contractors have a disposal practice and, of that, 41% of waste paint goes direct to landfill. It further estimates that less than 15% of all waste paint and paint cans are recovered for recycling.

The costs of funding the project will be passed on at the point of sale through the two-cent per litre levy. Participating organisations include DuluxGroup, Wattyl, PPG Industries (Taubmans) and Haymes Paints, which collectively account for around 85% of all A&D paint sold.