Electrical Warning Signs

Electrical Warning Signs

Queensland retailers and wholesalers will soon be required to display a ‘Don’t DIY’ sign for the sale of non plug-in electrical equipment, after amendments were made to the Electrical Safety Regulation 2002.

From 1 July 2011, all businesses that sell non plug-in electrical equipment to the public must not sell such items unless a ‘Don’t DIY’ warning sign is displayed for the item. The new laws were developed in consultation with the retail industry and aim to address the long standing electrical safety issues of unlicensed and do-it-yourself electrical work.

Products that will attract the signage are those requiring electrical work to be performed for the correct operation of the product to perform as designed. These include fixed-wired electrical equipment, such as split-system air conditioners, stoves, ovens, electric hot water systems and ceiling fans.

The signage will also need to be displayed for electrical accessories and electrical parts, such as power points, light switches, re-wireable electrical plugs and sockets, motors and solenoids.

Five display options exist for the new signs, which require the sign to be displayed in close proximity to the point of display of the item, as part of the price tag of the item, on a label attached to the packaging or the actual item, as part of the packaging of the item, or on a label attached to the item.

The new DIY warning sign requirements apply to face-to-face and online selling of electrical goods in Queensland, with penalties applicable for failing to comply. The Electrical Safety Office provides free ‘Don’t DIY’ warning signs templates and a list of the changes at www.electricalsafety.qld.gov.au. These include examples of electrical goods that will require a DIY warning sign to be displayed; DIY warning sign details, including the prescribed symbol and wording; how to correctly display a DIY warning sign; and DIY warning sign templates for downloading.

To help ensure your business is ready for the commencement of these new requirements by 1 July 2011, please visit www.electricalsafety.qld.gov.au or call 1300 650 662 for information and assistance about DIY warning signs.