Cleaning windows with ease

Cleaning windows with ease

Karcher’s WV 50 plus window vacuum can create dazzling streak-free surfaces in half the time of traditional window-cleaning methods

If there’s one household chore that really irritates the typical homeowner, it’s cleaning windows. It seems as though you can spend hours spraying, wiping and scrubbing – only to look from a different angle and see yet more streaks and smudges. The same is true for internal mirrors and shower screens. Even when you have completed the perfect clean, it can be only a matter of hours before dust and grime begin to build back up again – there has to be a better way.

Kärcher agrees that time is too precious to spend on cleaning windows and other glass features around the home. But its solution is not of the spray-and-wipe kind of formula that homeowners have had no choice but to rely on previously. Instead, it has come up with a revolutionary new vacuum cleaner designed specifically for windows. The battery-driven device not only cleans windows perfectly (first time, every time), it also does it with speed and ease of handling.

The Kärcher WV 50 plus Window Vacuum works by simply vaccuming up the water from windows while cleaning – without dripping any dirty water. A world first, this unique window-cleaning system guarantees dazzling and streak-free cleaning you can see in no time at all. Not only does it clean windows, you will also experience amazing results on mirrors, splashbacks, shower screens and shower tiles.

The standard suction nozzle works on a 280mm width, meaning a whole shower can be cleaned in just a few strokes. It draws liquid into a 100ml capacity chamber that is easy to empty, clean, and start again.

50appddIt can also be used to clean up liquid spills in the kitchen or bathroom. The WV 50 Plus window vacuum is the ideal all-inclusive package for cleaning windows and smooth surfaces. The unit is offered as a complete set, comprised of the battery-driven window vacuum – which weighs only 700 grams for easy handling, a wide vacuum nozzle, spray bottle, microfiber wiper, and a concentrated cleaning agent.

Beyond this, there is also a range of add-on accessories that can help users save even more time and effort, particularly with cleaning those hard-to-reach glassed areas. Accessories available specifically for use with the Kärcher WV 50 Plus include a specialist narrow nozzle (170mm) for cleaning smaller windows, microfibre wiper covers – for protecting the equipment for the long term, and the brand new extension lance – which will lengthen the unit, making it capable of comfortably cleaning windows at up to two metres’ height or distance.

The WV 50 Plus window vacuum comes with a two-year warranty, and is designed for easy maintenance. All parts are quick and easy to replace, and the Lithium-Ion battery is designed to be long lasting and always quick to charge. It works to clean approximately 20 standard-sized windows for each charge. And if that’s not enough, Kärcher’s customer service hotline is available in all business hours to troubleshoot any problem that keeps the unit from its most efficient and powerful state.

alna_portarAlana Potter, product manager within Kärcher’s Home & Garden division, says the WV 50 Plus is a valuable time-saver for any home owner. “Time is too precious to spend it cleaning windows,” she said. “When it comes to this time-consuming task, Kärcher window vacuum cleans windows perfectly in no time at all – without any streaks.” She says the vacuum is a one-of-a-kind that offers quality and best value for consumers. It’s built to last and to do the job right first time, and every time, something that other products simply can’t compete with. “Don’t trust the imitations,” she warns.