Maximise your wood fire

Maximise your wood fire

Nothing beats the winter blues better than a crackling fireplace where everyone can cosy up with mugs of hot chocolate. Of course, the experience can sometimes be marred by a smoky fireplace, which causes can be many, from a bad chimney design to inadequate air circulation. Enter SmartBurn, an award-winning invention that not only halves your smoke emissions, it produces up to 17 per cent more heat from your fire.

Smartburn is a combustion catalyst for wood heaters and is based upon a mixture of natural, nontoxic and non-corrosive ingredients which dissolve existing creosote accumulations whilst preventing further build-ups. SmartBurn improves the combustion efficiency of your heater providing up to 17 per cent more value from your wood, reducing smoke and particulate emissions by up to 54 per cent, and keeping your heater glass door clean.

The SmartBurn pollution reduction device is a steel tubular device containing a solid mixture of natural ingredients. Once heated, the ingredients melt and sit in the ‘bowl’ of the steel casing and release a small amount of vapourised ingredients from the open ends. This vapour allows more of the gases that are getting released from the woods heated surface to be burnt ‘within’ the fire-box rather than going up the chimney flue as ‘wasted fuel’. As a result, the fire wood will burn for longer, keeping your home warmer throughout the night.
Once the fire-box is cold, the mixture of ingredients becomes a solid again. One unit lasts on average 3 months. SmartBurn saves you money by allowing you to get more value from your wood, saves you time in cleaning of your flue and glass window, and reduces particulate emissions from entering our fragile environment. A clever little device indeed!

Here are seven reasons to use a SmartBurn in your wood fire
1. Produces up to 17 per cent more valuefrom your wood
2. Dramatically reduces smoke emissions by up to 54 per cent
3. Cleans the chimney while the fire burns
4. Cleans the heater glass window and reduces ash-build-up
5. Effective for up to 3 months of continuous use
6. Contains natural, non-toxic and non-corrosive ingredients
7. Multi-award winning Australian invention

SmartBurn has been thoroughly tested for effectiveness and safety by four independently certified laboratories that have proven that SmartBurn reduces smoke emission by up to 54 per cent, whilst gaining up to 17 per cent more efficiency. This is in accordance with Australia and New Zealand standards AS4012, AS4013, AS:2918 and USA EPA Method 5G and Method 28.
Since SmartBurn’s launch in 2005, the device has won over 71 Awards for environmental sustainability, innovation and excellence.