DIY security

DIY security

It’s hard to truly love a home if you don’t feel safe and secure within it. Home security products would typically be a leading category in most hardware retail operations, were it not for one important aspect – most sophisticated equipment requires a specialist to install and sometimes even monitor. Now, ABUS has developed the “Plug and Play” range of electronic security equipment that means anyone with just a little bit of dexterity and DIY know-how can be a security expert.

The range consists of: a High-Definition digital door viewer; a wireless video intercom; a compact network camera with WLAN technology; and a high definition time-lapse camera – all available as individual pieces. There is also a 3.5-inch home video surveillance kit, offering a one-stop easy set up security solution; and a 7.0-inch home video surveillance set touch and mobile app system.

The digital door viewer is wireless for easy installation, and offers a zoom function and the capability to download images to a micro memory card. Scott McLean, marketing manager for the Locksmiths Supply Company – which distributes the ABUS system – says the high definition viewer is ideal for senior citizens and anyone requiring glasses.

The wireless video intercom is activated through the doorbell, transmitting a live image display to the door viewer. It uses an integrated camera with infrared technology for optimum viewing day or night.

The video data can also be accessed via a mobile app or using an internet browser, giving users flexible and discreet video surveillance when required. With 640 x 480 VGA resolution and 25 frames per second, the mobile monitoring function is super clear, and easy to use.

The basic 3.5-inch home video surveillance set is a simple but comprehensive system that is easy to install and set up for near immediate use. Up to four cameras can be integrated across the system, giving users confidence and clear vision of their properties, both inside and out. The set also comes with a motion detector that gives an acoustic signal when activated.

The 7.0-inch Home Video Surveillance Set offers even greater security for the home, apartment, or office. It features live image display, recording, and mobile access via both the mobile and tablet app, and any browser. The complete set includes a 7-inch monitor, docking station, and a wireless outdoor camera that activates on any motion sensed and begins recording.

McLean says the easy-to-install nature means any DIYer can have high quality, interactive security and surveillance for their castle. “ABUS systems are specially designed for DIY installation and just a few easy steps are enough to ensure extra security – and a better quality of life within your own four walls,” he says.


The new Plug and Play security system from ABUS puts the vital security category back in the hands of DIYers