Tech-smart baby monitoring

Tech-smart baby monitoring

Most parents want to keep a close eye on their baby, especially when the little one is sleeping in a room down the hall. Rather than check obsessively, products like the Perma Products iCamera+ Baby Monitor afford easy child monitoring from afar. Most convenient of all, parents can see and hear their babies from a safe distance, without the fear of waking them up
by accident.

The monitoring device is a small colour and infrared camera housed in an attractive white shell. The camera has a solid round body with an antenna, a cluster of IR sensors for night vision, a microphone, SD card slot for recording into and two colour LED lights that switch colours depending on the login application.

The product comes in a neat and easy to set up package. Parents and caretakers can view, listen, talk and record video images through a wired or wireless network. The camera is designed with a built-in web server making setup easy and hassle free. Once setup, the camera supports remote real-time viewing and management from a smartphone, tablet, laptop or computer. The H.264 Plug & Play IP Camera, when connected to the Internet, lets you view from anywhere, anytime.

The Perma Products iCamera+ produces a clear video stream and loud audio. It’s great as a colour camera and also in night mode. The video at night is nice and bright. Positioned correctly, it’s even possible to see the child breathe on a smartphone, tablet or PC.

Great picture quality

With the sharp CMOS video sensor, users enjoy impressive picture quality on their iOS or Android devices, PC and Mac. High-resolution digital video, with image stabilization and wide-angle lens, allows monitoring the child at all times without having to move the
baby monitor.

Move around. Stay close.

With the latest PTZ technology (pan, tilt, zoom), the remotely controlled views can pan 350º and tilt 100º. Simply swipe your finger on the smart device or computer to see a full view of the monitored room.

Listen to your baby in digital quality sound

A discrete mircrophone allows parents in the next room or at the other side of the world to hear the monitored sounds in crystal clear quality. Plug in an external speaker and the child will hear them just as clearly.

Night mode – monitoring without waking

Sleep is important for babies – and for parents too. So it’s great to know, when the ambient light decreases, the night mode automatically switches on. Thanks to the baby monitor’s built-in infrared camera, child monitoring doesn’t end when the lights are dimmed or go off completely. There’s no need to leave the lights on when the child is asleep.

Simple and smart connection

Choose from Wi-Fi or ethernet cable. Connectivity is simple, intuitive and secure. There’s no need to worry about configuring the devices.


Perma Products iCamera+ Baby Monitor allows monitoring your baby everywhere with an unlimited range and for an unlimited time. For example, the user’s iPhone could be connected over Wi-Fi at the home, over 3G in the shopping centre or over Wi-Fi at the office.