Saving lives, limbs and time

Saving lives, limbs and time

Australian Hardware Journal

The Mortice Safe Chainsaw Attachment (Mortice) is an apparatus that attaches to the chainsaw bar and features sharpened tynes or dogs that lock onto the timber, thereby preventing kickback. With chainsaw safety a major concern to operators and authorities, the biggest advantage of the Mortice device is its built-in ability to prevent kickback.Chainsaw kickback is capable of causing serious injury or death, and usually occurs when the upper tip of the chainsaw blade reacts on contact with the timber, causing the saw to be flung back towards the operator. The Mortice Safe Chainsaw Attachment prevents this by ensuring the tip of the saw moves smoothly into the timber in a controlled and easy manner without jarring. The fast-revving chainsaw can be eased forward, cutting as it goes, until the required depth is reached. This process is repeated vertically and horizontally until a neat mortice has been created.

Efficiency is another major advantage of the Mortice device through reduced operator fatigue and a much faster mortice cutting process compared to the traditional method of hammer and chisel. This smart and safe technology is ideal for building timber fences on farms, constructing log cabins, bush furniture manufacturing and for work by local government contractors.

Stephen Snedden is the man behind this product and explains that the business grew from recognising a need for a safety chainsaw attachment when he was working as a part-time fencer. “I saw chainsaw fly over someone’s head as they were using it,” he says. After witnessing this near-tragedy, Snedden put on his thinking cap and came up with the chainsaw safety attachment.

That was back in 1996. The following year, he and his wife set about manufacturing the products before releasing them to the market in May ’97. Husqvarna soon came on board with a sponsorship which remains today. Snedden has never looked back.

The product now “sells itself”, he explains. Over 3,000 units have been sold in the past five years. Now his small business manufactured up to 10 tools.

The innovative Mortice Safe Chainsaw Attachment has also won several awards including the Land Farm Inventor of the Year Award Regional and National 1996, the Colonial State Bank Safety Award in Excellence and Innovation Award 1996, and the Australian National Field Days – Kondinin Group Award of Excellence 1997.

International enquiries for this technology have come from as far as the United States, Canada, Europe, South Africa as well as New Zealand. With no equivalent attachment or product available anywhere in the world market, this ATS (Australian Technology Showcase) technology is set to cut out a successful future and become an essential tool for the rural sector.

With design and development well under way, Snedden Safety Tool Innovations now welcomes joint venture proposals from chainsaw and accessory manufacturers and resellers.