Free software for timber projects

Free software for timber projects

Whether for an engineer, builder or house designer, Hyne Design is a powerful structural timber design software that combines technical information and a design platform to enhance timber building projects. The free software program is geared towards a host of domestic construction applications that meet the appropriate Australian standards.

HD7_pack_and_CDDeveloped by a team of engineers at Hyne, one of Australia’s largest privately owned timber companies, the software is designed for different facets of the timber project, with a variety of job scopes in mind. Anyone with knowledge of timber terms, building techniques, drafting of domestic buildings or architects can use this program. Many of the features were nonetheless implemented for engineers, and can be used as an invaluable tool by them for timber beam design.

Hyne Assist is a key feature that includes comprehensive product information, detailed design information, important fixing and connection guidelines, technical and material safety datasheets, and easy-to-follow instructions for using the software.

Providing design solutions in both single member and span table format, the software utilizes the complete Hyne structural product range and extensive range of timber products as the basis for the design blueprint.

The program offers enhanced connection details, as well as the opportunity to print hard copy span tables in an easy to read, practical format. The user-friendly interface with different levels of use also means that it caters broadly, from beginners to engineers.

Hyne can also help with training and assessment of competencies with the program, ensuring you get the best use out of a vast array of domestic and commercial construction applications to comply with relevant Australian Standards and the BCA.

Having Hyne Design, available for free from the Hyne website, lets you offer a timber design and take-off service to your customers efficiently and accurately. Further, it contains information regarding “stock sizes” available from Hyne Wholesale allowing you to choose from an array of Hyne products that are readily available in the location of your projects. The latest version Hyne Design not only delivers innovative design procedures, powerful graphical interface, commanding complex loads functions and superior reporting and certification for the end user, the update includes the Engineered Timber Products of all major Australian suppliers making it even more powerful.

The new version also incorporates recent changes to the Australian Standards and a number of user friendly updates.

Some significant features include:

• Design procedures and product design property changes as necessitated by the BCA and new standards;
• Upgrade of Hyne Design platform function and operation;
• Inclusion of load flow to supporting members;
• Improved graphical interface;
• Introduction of basic, advanced and engineering access levels based on established user skill and competence levels;
• Significantly improved complex load function; and

• Improved reporting and certification.

Also included in this version is Hyne Assist 3, which not only includes a detailed help menu to enhance the users’ abilities, but also comes with fixing and connection guidelines, material safety data sheets plus much more

Regularly updated in keeping with prevailing building standards, Hyne Design continues to evolve as one of the leading structural timber design software packages in Australia. To find out more about Hyne Design and download your free version, visit or call Hyne Product Info Service on 1300 304 963.

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